Buzzfeed: Lesin was killed while trying to reveal the secrets of propaganda Russia Today

The media portal Buzzfeed has published the big material in the cat with reference to two unnamed FBI agents alleged that the former Minister of press of Russia Mikhail Lesin actually was killed. Earlier the office of the U.S. attorney for the Metropolitan district of Columbia circuit officially informed that the case of the death of Lesina was closed and it contains a remark of the examiner “accident”.


The material Lesina referred to as “media Tsar Vladimir Putin.” It States that he was killed by an unknown in my room with a bat before the scheduled meeting with representatives of the Ministry of justice, which had intended to tell, as Russia uses anti-Western propaganda, particularly the Russia Today TV channel.

The publication reports that despite the official explanation of the US government about the accidental nature of the death of Yassin, the FBI agents talked to reporters, expressed their doubts.

At the same time, strangely, these agents have not been involved in the investigation “the case of Lesina,” but said he learned everything from colleagues who were involved in this.

“Lesin was beaten to death,” said one of the FBI agents. However, he said that could not name the reasons for this fact, if it really took place, was covered by the American authorities.

He continued: “I can tell you that there is no one in the Bureau who believe that this man got drunk, fell down and died. Everyone thinks he was drugged and what it stands for Putin or the Kremlin.”

Also, these sources said that for a hotel room where he died Lesin reportedly paid to the Ministry of justice, and then to obtain information from him about the inner workings of RT. But in an interview Lesin did not get.

The FBI and the justice Department declined to comment. The U.S. attorney’s office for the district of Columbia said that he had nothing to add beyond its statement last year in which the death of Yassin has been called “an accident”. Medical experts in turn, said that they are forbidden by law to disclose details of the autopsy. The Washington police reported that they have no evidence of any foul play in this death, but they intend to posledovat additional evidence.

The article says that Buzzfeed has filed a lawsuit to force the FBI to provide the records from surveillance cameras.

The newspaper also reported that a deal with the U.S. justice Department Lesin could go, as he was out of options, the country in which he could hide. However, why Lesina had to cover the material does not say.

Recall that after the death of Yassin in media have published different versions, including fantastic. For example, Alexei Navalny has even suggested that Lesin had crossed the border into the United States after 40 days after death.

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