Businessman on the “sugar case”: Can promote the normal raider seizure of enterprises

The expert explained how to stop corruption schemes in enterprises.

The words of a businessman leads “Solidarity”.

– What is a typical corruption, raiding, stupidity?

– First, the establishment of trading houses – it was the fashion 2009-2010. We were then told that this is the worst option, if the company has “PA seznamu”, – said the businessman Gennady Terpilovski.

Exchanges and trading houses, the expert believes the worst system of distribution abroad. According to terpilovskaya, a diagram of the planned scoop, which entails the overhead of the function of the enterprise.

– The company has by and large to work with efficient intermediaries, with the dealers, to which they go, or if it is specifically the products of “business to business”, and the investment plan, directly with the end customer, providing services and so on.

Terpilovski stressed that the scheme that worked the sugar mills were ineffective.

– The second point speaks about the corruption schemes. Exit, the cessation of all these schemes is only the privatization.

Of course, I would like to a strategic investor bought below was a system of greater monitoring by one of the stakeholders over the activities of the company.

If the company of 400 shareholders, there remains the probability of the existence of various corruption schemes on behalf of the Supervisory Council, but in this case, invite the independent Directors, experts from consulting companies, from banks that it supervised.

As for tar and other things, I don’t know, maybe there are some diagrams there, but if it is an honest company, it is quite possible that once the claw stuck, you can spin a normal raider seizure of enterprises.

Terpilovski said that he has in mind additional plans about the plant containers.

There are just pulling ears to make a raider seizure. Businessmen also need to warn you. …The same Cirovic stuck in it. State works, why can’t I?