Business horoscope for the week: all signs of the zodiac (24.12 – 30.12. 2018)

Business horoscope for the week: all signs of the zodiac (24.12 – 30.12. 2018)
09:34 Today, the Telegraph Photo: At the end of December it is necessary not only to prepare for the holidays, but to sum up the year.

Financial horoscope for Aries

The rams still don’t have to rely on the help of the planets protectors that promises the representatives of this constellation of monetary challenges and conflict at work. This week should be careful when shopping and it is best to go to the shop only to a pre-established list. Also, do not go to the provocations of the leadership and colleagues, otherwise at the beginning of the new year, the rams will have to start looking for a new job.

Financial horoscope for Taurus

The coming week will be most successful for them. But on Monday, thanks to the positive influence of the moon, the representatives of this constellation will be able to get a windfall or a raise . But on Tuesday the Moon will be weaker, so the rest of the week it is not recommended to pay off debts, pay bills or conduct financial transactions.

Financial horoscope for the week for the Twins

Mercury remains weakened, so that in the coming seven days, the Twins expect the unexpected waste, which would entail financial difficulties. The influence of mercury could push the Twins to commit useless purchases, which will soon have to wish. During this period, astrologers recommend to spend money, for example to repay debts, or buy Christmas gifts for close people.

Financial horoscope for the week for cancer

On Monday fortune will be on the side of the Crayfish, so in this day you can summon your Luck and play the lottery. In the following days the Moon is weakened, causing Cancers to be hard to solve the financial problems. Perhaps someone from the inner circle will need to return the old debts, or will have to spend money on necessary purchases. This week astrologers are advised to remain alert, because at this time the scammers become more active, and Cancers can easily become their victim.

Financial horoscope for the week for the lions

In the coming seven days the Lions will have to spend more money than planned. New year waste can impact your financial situation, but a lack of finances will appear only in January. Weakened due to the influence of the planets patrons to work in full force and will fail therefore to be immersed in the working atmosphere, the Lions will need additional source of energy. At the end of the week you can relax from the problems, but it is best to relax at home and not expensive.

Financial horoscope for Virgo

Patron-mercury is still weak, so the Maids need to start dealing with money issues early in the week. Inaction will lead to the fact that at the end of December money problems will only get bigger. So now the astrologers suggest to pay utility bills, repay debts to friends and colleagues and make only the necessary purchases.

Financial horoscope for the week for Libra

The positive influence of Saturn will give strength, so this week, Libra will be able to do her job much better. In the middle of the week you can go shopping and buy gifts, Christmas tree or home decorations. The purchase will bring joy and cheer up, and the money spent will be able to return as early as next month.

Financial horoscope for the week for Scorpions

24 Dec patron Uranus will be active in aspect with other planets, so at this time the Scorpions expect the unexpected profit and new opportunities for earnings. In other days the representatives of this constellation will have to do routine work, and the only motivation will be approaching the salary and Christmas bonus. Financial horoscope Scorpio advises not to waste time and to budget, otherwise in the coming month monetary problems once again remind myself.

Financial horoscope for the week for Sagittarius

Neptune will be indispensable archers this week. Thanks to his support we can safely return the debt to friends and banks, to buy expensive things and to enter into contracts. The approaching holidays can distract archers from work, however, you need to forget about the rest and to spend all efforts to job responsibilities. At the end of the week representatives of this constellation will be able to talk to a supervisor about their achievements that promises career growth or new financial opportunities.

Financial horoscope for the week for Capricorns

Thanks to the positive influence of Uranus in Capricorn appears useful ideas that will help improve the financial situation, as well as the opportunity to invest money that will help to multiply the income in the new year. However, you should be careful at the time of payment of utility bills. There is a chance that the Capricorn will pay more than it should.

Financial horoscope for the week for Aquarius

The influence of Saturn gives Aquarians strength and confidence, so it’s time to have a serious talk with the boss about the salary increase. If the user says no, now is the time to think about finding a new job. Large expenses this week are expected, however, to save money will fail. Aquarians are at risk to succumb to the temptations and spend more than the budget allows. To avoid this, from 24 to 30 December to visit the store in the company more efficient person.

Financial horoscope for the week to Fish

On Monday, the strong power of the moon, so this day the Fish expect the unexpected surprise or profit. Tuesday will start the decline of productivity and vitality. This week, the astrologers advise the Fish to do the heavy work, conduct financial transactions and to borrow money, even to loved ones. Savings and careful money management will help to maintain financial stability and relieve the Fish from unnecessary worries.

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