Broke the Elevator with a baby inside

In Zaporozhye broke the Elevator, in which was a child. Photo: Zik

In Zaporozhye in one of the houses broke Elevator with a child inside.

The accident occurred on Saturday, January 19, in the Borodino district of St. Ladoga, 32, said “depo.Zaporozhye”.

“Once again breaks down the Elevator. This time there was a child. The lift fell from floor 5-6, good, work the emergency brake on the 2nd floor. But nobody knows if this will work again,” – said the residents of the house.

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According to local residents, it is not the first similar case in their home. Three years ago because of a similar incident, a man seriously injured his back.

In Sumy broke the Elevator with the two-month boy. Upon the death of the child in Elevator apartment buildings, the police opened criminal proceedings.


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