Breastfeeding makes children smarter


While moms discuss what high school will leave their child when they grow up, the researchers again analyzed whether there is a relationship between breastfeeding and intelligence.

Experts at University College Dublin have discovered that breastfeeding can increase the level of intelligence of the child. However, scientists have found a link between breastfeeding and a decrease in hyperactivity, but by 5 years, the rate of kids caught up, no matter what kind of food was given to the children. The results of the study were published in the journal “Pediatrics”.

Previous studies showed the Association between breastfeeding and higher IQ, had one big disadvantage – the scientists did not take into account genetics and socio-economic status. As demonstrated by a new experiment, children have the potential to develop intelligence built into their DNA, having in the early years the access to more educational resources, which requires expenditure on the part of parents.

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