Boon for General

Coach Myron Markevych are the envy of many colleagues. From the number of good mentors behind in a number of recognized experts, even the bosses. And clubs serious headed, and even the team itself tried.

And it is not without achievements. For the perfection and brightness of the image, for the consciousness that life is good, except that was not enough titles. And they, no doubt, would come if the fate of the villain is not bound Markevych bondage positions of responsibility.

Well, I did not think, do not guess it, that the appointment of the head of the Committee of national teams of FFU will not be a new round of creative flight and a real slavery, hard labor, by hard labor and servitude.

However, there is one “but”. Not for soup humpback Markevich-official, not for the stale rations voluntarily buries his coaching talent. Service this extremely generously paid for. 729 905 UAH – this is the salary most of the domestic coaches could do that dream. Even in those blissful days when our football was luxuriating oligarchic million. About the present and say nothing about that day that in nominative – day, and not the bottom. Although puns on this topic there there are plenty. And Myron Karlin, alas, one of those who provide them with the unenviable regularity.

Over three quarters of a million a month, he does not need to get victories and points to withdraw their wards in the finals to win prizes. From the height of the current position on all this fuss Markevich distracted at the very least humiliating, he is burdened with thoughts and tasks Stra-tags-che ski mi!

Strategy, global, scale are the main directions of its activity, as, indeed, and other highly paid parasites, seated at the Ukrainian House of football. With these figures firmly convinced that all great (except wages, of course) is seen at a distance, because of that, and to appreciate the Herculean efforts of their team of “crisis managers” led by Andriy Pavelko will be able only the most advanced and enlightened of descendants.

“Pavelko eager to do something for Ukrainian football! – dropped the pan Markevich. And added. Only, apparently, is not to everyone’s taste…”

To protect the immaculate name of his sablettes and indeed in every way to show team spirit Myron Bohdanovych committed regularly, looking up briefly from the long-term strategies and returning to a Desk of different length voyages in the part of the veteran team.

As the head of the Committee, as experienced and lived-traveled man, it is certain that any opinion is akin to the commandments, whatever it concerned – decisions of disciplinary bodies on controversial episode in the match of the national championship, composition and tactics of one of the leading clubs and his books (!!!), methods of work of (former) colleagues in the coaching workshop, or a regular circulars of FIFA (in which he, to put it mildly, “float”).

God forbid to think that this mentoring activity as something extra: advice and evaluation Markiewicz – clean water charity. And what is the object of morals, as a rule, becomes a Dynamo – just a coincidence. Or – eaten by the worm of envy, subconscious, saying, let me steer the capital club, as long and hard require experts from social networks, I have all of you showed and proved!..

“I have a sword Yes, a horse! Yes, in the line of fire! A Palace affair – ENTO not all about me!” His revelations Markevich often inspires comparisons to issuing this phrase is a General – a hero of the famous poetic story of Leonid Filatov. An ambiguous character, always ready to prostrate themselves before the king-priest, thought he prefers the action, outwardly direct and candid, but in his bosom always has a rock. Totally his style is one of the confessions of Myron Bogdanovich.

“I say if Shevchenko will not work in the national team of Ukraine, the head coach would be me. – Remember these words? – For the sake of it and sit, and sit… If suddenly something does not work, of course, will ask that I became. I promised…”

Well, that too is a kind of strategy. Great goal! For it is much to tolerate and “sit”. Even for a measly 730 thousand a month to do unloved business, exchanging a dull copper coins-silver coins labor silver and bronze coaching of the past, sacrificing the reputation of wearing the cocked hat of a clown-Joe blow, agreeing to remain in the memory of football is not ambitious mentor-practitioner, and shabashniki from the factory Pavelko, producing bogus grass for scandals.

Shameful situation with the national team the 17-year-old boys, due to the negligence of clerks lost already conquered the right to play in the final tournament of the Euro. Left a trail of bad odor naturalization Moraes. Obtenci-cacanki with premium U20 team that won the world championship. Solid “unsatisfactory” youth team. It is only those sad stories that come to mind right offhand. And on this account the head of Committee of national teams prefer, and prefer to remain silent.

Talent to remain silent when you need to hear who you need to say what you need Markevich changed rarely. As well as the ability to leave on time and the right package. Constantly find themselves in the cycle of major football adventures, Myron Bohdanovych with remarkable foresight, avoiding pitfalls, fraught with long debts and loud accusations. Even the infamous dogovornyak, trained in Lausanne, then to discredit the coach of “Metalist” touched on a tangent.

Enough to news of the change Markevich places of work to learn to read between the lines, isn’t it? And then just say that very soon it will leave a warm and meat in FFU/the UAF for the next “electric chair” of the head coach. As said, if you decide to return to the practice, it is only in a serious project. Time it’s for sure not the national team of Ukraine, where Shevchenko did all the work, then what?

Maybe Bayern? And suddenly Milan? Or not to climb so high and far away… Say, a new “Dnepr” or the new “Metalist”? Karpaty? FC Lviv? “Movement” of Vinnikov? Or the local children’s Academy, founder and landlord of which Myron Markevych is?

Even the latter option seems more serious if native about football to care in deed and not in words. Maybe in second-rate foreign players that entered today, our team (including in a small country Markiewicz), then we would need anymore. And the Committee teams with time would come the one for whom this job boon, and a real chance to change things for the better. Oh, and 730 thousand, you see – and for a good cause would. Oh, not with the current, of course, the football authorities! But to dream not harmfully…

By the way! And do not you think that just figure this is the code to unlocking the true underlying reason for all the talks about “gravity”?! Or rather, not so much the number, as the absence of its real equivalent. Do not allow that the people that promised Markevich appointed coach of the national team, now also shrug about his astronomical wages?

He says, are barely at the moment – a trickle from the state budget dried up, I built the site a long time will pass, new cuts and rollbacks not expected, and fines the FTC was not enough. And even being fired from all sides, sew things. Seek after something to do for football, and not everybody likes it! So thank you, Myron Bohdanovych, and goodbye, go-ka you on the football generals back to the coaches.

Curious not so much where we will see Markevich in the old-new incarnation, and HOW he will reveal himself. Will get any of it on referees-the blind, which will be systematically kill his team? Cancellaresca of disciplinary bodies, which will be forced to play in an empty stadium, and all premium expropriat in fines? Would-be leaders who do not care about your training cycles? Competitors, for which Myron Bohdanovych useful buddy reshaly will suddenly turn into a fifth wheel? The TV “analysts” that will teach him football, again exposing the clown?

Or on each of these occasions we only hear the familiar: “take that…”?