Book Sentsov was issued in the German language

Book Sentsov was given in German. Photo from open dzherel.

A collection of autobiographical stories by film Director Oleg Sentsov “Life” issued in Berlin in German language under the title “Leben”.

“Eight stories Sentsov, issued by the German publishing house Voland & Quist, under the strong title of” Life “, it talks about freedom and self-determination, intimacy, family and friendship, loss and love. The conversation is about life, fills our veins with juice of the sun and the sound of the Universe “, – stated in the message of the article Der Standard.

The newspaper reminds that the detained in the occupied Crimea Ukrainian film Director in August 2015, was illegally sentenced in Russia to 20 years in prison on trumped-up charges of terrorism.

“If the Russian government inflicted a terrible blow to the neighbor, Sentsov today could be a famous Director in my country. His short films and first feature film,” the Player “, he proved that he’s got everything you need. He would have walked the red carpet of film festivals, received awards, gave interviews, and honed his career as an artist, ” notes the author.

In April, “the Old Lion Publishing” and the Ukrainian PEN issued a collection of autobiographical stories by Oleg Sentsov “Life”. The book is bilingual: fiction Sentsov at the Ukrainian translation of Sergei Sedges. And the story in the original Russian.

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Autobiographical stories of Oleg Sentsov was already released in Ukraine by the publishing house “Laurus” 2015. However, this is the first publication of his works translated into Ukrainian. Previously, these texts were published under the title “Stories”.

The book “Life” will appear this year in the transfer of Ukrainian and German but also in English and Polish.

Activists have created a series of video interviews with the military come from the South of the country. So the authors try to debunk the myth that on the front allegedly fighting mostly people from Western Ukraine. The project was named “United” and is a continuation of last year’s initiative.


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