Booed and protected Zozulya, how to feed the residents of Donbass – Nadivana hundred

In the latest edition of “Nadivana hundred” for 20 Dec is a Ukrainian footballer booed at the match in Spain. He was called a Nazi because of volunteering at the Donbass. Roman stood up Vladimir Zelensky. Two years of the best “minds” fictional country developed a special program. Dear and not dear, repent and hang at home a portrait of Bandera, and you will be the fat with the soup.
Also in the issue:

Waiting for the exchange of prisoners.

Why shouldn’t give Tzemach, whom Russia can regain Ukraine, and if we have the exchange Fund, which will be of interest to the other side?

Executed agreement.

Leaders “channel four” agreed to a truce, and the Russian mercenaries continue to shoot. In Marinka enemy sniper killed a civilian.

The Fact Sheremet.

As a former military medic and volunteer charged with the murder of Pavel Sheremet, without having conclusive evidence. While the court understands some media outlets have not called them suspects, and killers.

The case of General Marchenko.

People have collected a million hryvnia on the Deposit for the officer, and Peter Poroshenko added the rest. Now, the General will await trial in jail and not celebrate New year with family.

The court of absurdity in the so-called “LNR”.

Of the citizen of Latvia for espionage in the territory of a fictional Republic, and put behind bars for 10 years. What could find the Latvian unhappy Luhansk?

A short memory and a weak mind.

In the so-called “DNR” issued stamps with the image of Stalin. Philatelists even did pre-order. Well, what if he tortured and killed millions? Those who were in the camps, a bad word about it said!

Leading the program: the volunteer battalion “Sicheslav” and “Dnepr-1”, the channel 24 posted by Eugene Nazarenko and gunner, senior gunner of the 30th mechanized brigade, a veteran and owner Veterano Pizza Leonid ostal’tsi.


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