Boeing finally completed the software upgrade of the aircraft model 737 MAX

The American company announced a complete upgrade of the software of the Boeing 737 max and assured them full security.

In a press release on the official website, the company notes that the company also carried out testing on the simulator and engineering tests. Currently, the company’s employees logged more than 360 hours and made 207 flights on the aircraft model 737 max with updated software MCAS.

Among other things, the company gathered additional information and sent it to the Federal office of civil aviation USA with a full report on the results of the research. After considering the request, the company promises to cooperate with the administration for setting the date of the test flight and the submission of the complete documentation for certification flights.

Safety is our clear priority, so we spent all engineering test flights for the software update and prepare for final certification flight
– said the head of the company Dennis Muilenburg.

He also added that the company believe in safety and the work of the new software and said that aircraft model 737 max will be “among the safest in the world.”

Muilenburg noted that the disaster that occurred, only strengthened commitment to the company values of safety, quality and integrity.

What’s wrong with the Boeing 737 MAX?March 10 in Ethiopia crashed passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8of Ethiopian airlines Airlines, flying to the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Killed 149 passengers from 35 countries and 8 crew members. The plane crashed 6 minutes after takeoff.

This is the second crash of the Boeing 737-8 Max in the last 5 months. 29 October 2018 Boeing 737 Max 8 Indonesian airline Lion Air served as a flight from Jakarta to pangkal Pinang and fell into the sea after 13 minutes after departure. Then killed 189 people – 8 crew members and 181 passengers. The cause of the accident is suspected of incorrect setting of the angle sensor that is transmitted to the onboard computer false information about the state of the nose of the aircraft relative to the horizon.

The official reason avikatastrofy in Ethiopia has not been named yet. But experts point to the similarity of the accidents in Indonesia, and Ethiopia because of the failure of automation.

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