Blackmail ruble: are the Europeans ready to lift sanctions against Russia

It seems that the European principles in PACE to defeat the Russian money. Adopted on 11 October the resolution changes the rules of the PACE and opens the way for the return of the Russians in Strasbourg.
After the statement of Vice-speaker of the state Duma of Russia in the middle of September to stop funding the PACE in 2018 and non-payment of 11 million euros membership fee for this year, the European officials of the Council of Europe decided to change the rules of the meetings that play along with the Russians.
The people’s Deputy from BPP Vladimir Aryev wrote that he became aware that the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe thorbjørn Jagland explained to the representatives of the “European party” of the PACE that they have only two ways out of the situation – to save the values or save the Council of Europe.
Because of this decision of Russia in the organization’s budget has a hole of several dozen millions of euros. From the point of view of mathematics assessment Jagland look strange.
The budget of the Council of Europe is 450 million euros. The refusal of the Russians to pay next year’s contribution of 30 million euros, will reduce the budget for SE only 7%. This will entail a reduction of some projects and programmes of the organization may affect the salaries of European bureaucrats, but in no way threatens the existence of the Council of Europe.
After the vote for temporary Chairman of the PACE, the runner-up from Cyprus, it became clear that Ukraine is starting to lose the support of the Assembly.
The Europeans will not be pokupatsya values for Russian funds. Yes, money is a big problem, because even the 7% means a reduction of the judgment by the European court of human rights, said the expert on international Affairs Bohdan Yaremenko.
His colleague Vladimir Gorbach adds that money is not the deciding factor. Europeans want to return to Russia, because I believe that its absence threatens the existence of the Council of Europe, since the body, in particular, specializiruetsya on observing human rights in member countries. Such checks were one way of influence on Russia, but without her influence in Russia is shrinking.
At the same time, the expert does not deny that money in some point may outweigh the value with the previous head of PACE Pedro Agramunt. He got in a scandal because he agreed with the Russian delegation to fly to Syria. Although he was not authorized to represent the PACE, but for Europe, which does not share the Kremlin’s position on Syria, the visit of Agramunt in the middle East was a slap in the face.
What sanctions can be removed from Russia
PACE sanctions should not be confused with economic sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union, which have a negative impact on the Russian economy. We are talking about internal sanctions, which PACE adopted in April 2014 and continued in 2015.
These sanctions have deprived the Russians of the right to vote at PACE sessions. They are also forbidden to hold managerial positions in bodies of the Council of Europe and to be part of the monitoring missions.
On the imposition of sanctions, the Russian delegation made a demarche, declaring a boycott of the visit of sessions and then decided not to pay membership fees.
The PACE in previous resolutions demanded Russia to implement the Minsk agreements, to influence the representatives ORDO. In addition, the Assembly called on the Russian authorities to abandon the illegal annexation of Crimea and the immediate release of Hope Savchenko and all the civilians that were detained in Ukraine and transported to Russia. A number of requirements related to the internal problems of Russia: press freedom and pressure on political rivals.
Formally, the Council of Europe adopted a resolution concerning the harmonization of the internal rules of the implementation of sanctions regimes in the Assembly and the Council of Ministers. This does not mean the lifting of sanctions against Russia. But Ukraine managed to adopt amendments to eliminate the lifting of sanctions against Russia.
The European position and Ukraine
A nod of the Council of Europe towards Russia could not happen without the consent policies of the European Union, according to Yaremenko.
PACE includes not only EU countries, but they play a key role there. On many issues the European party present a United front in the Assembly of the Council of Europe. The same factions represented in the PACE and the European Parliament. There is an interaction between MPs and agreed positions.
In fact, all adopted by the Council of Europe has already been agreed with the European Union, – said Yaremenko.
In case of return of the Russians in PACE there is a high probability that the delegations of Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and several other countries oppose, and can even arrange move, says Vladimir Gorbach.
However, the international expert Bohdan Yaremenko believes that our delegation will not be solved by leaving the Assembly. “It is obvious that Ukraine is not going anywhere and will accept the return of Russia,” – said Yaremenko.
The fundamental question is not the return of Russia or its lack in PACE, and in order to force her to renounce aggression against Ukraine. After all, Russia never worried about such a “trifle”, as the respect for human rights.

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