Black label: Crimeans began to put pressure on presidential candidates

Crimeans require presidential candidates to release Crimea from Russian occupation. Photo: Straight

Activists LibertateCrimea before the election began to distribute “the black marks” presidential candidates.

Only got 8 applicants who do not mention about the liberation of the Peninsula, or in the program going to negotiate with the occupier, according to ATR.

In the offices of Yuri Karmazin and Viktor Bondar activists talked secretaries. Promised to give a “black mark” personally.

“The candidate in presidents of Ukraine responsible for foreign policy. Foreign policy is the fact that Crimea is occupied and in its program it is not. We would like to Mr. Karmazin drew attention to it,” said social activist Andriy Shchekun.

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The office of the leader of the radical party of Oleh Lyashko and opposition leader Yuriy Boyko activists was not even allowed.

For the year of Operation the joint forces changed the situation in the Donbass.

Commander OOS Sergei New told how returned part of the occupied territories and restored the destroyed infrastructure.


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