“Black flight”: the plane crash that took away the football team

The crash on 29 November 2016 in Colombia is not the first, which killed almost all the players of one team.

Black pages when a plane crash took almost the whole main part of the football team, there are, sadly, not only football clubs but also national teams.


The ill-fated flight list opens on 4 may 1949, which was flying the Italian football Torino.

The plane, which the team returned home from Portugal, crashed a few kilometres from Turin. He crashed on a mountain hill of Superga.

Then killed 31 passengers aboard. Of them 18 players, which was the basis of the Italian team. Among the dead were journalists, officials and English coach Leslie Livesey.

“Manchester United”

6 February 1958 the plane with the players of the English club “Manchester United” on Board crashed during takeoff at Munich airport. Then killed 24 people, including 8 players from legendary, 3 employees of the club and 8 journalists.

On this flight, “Manchester United” back home with the second leg of the quarterfinal games of the European Champions Cup with the Belgrade club “Crvena Zvezda” and carried out a stop to refuel in Munich, Germany.

The national team of Denmark

16 July 1960 during a landing in the Danish city of øresund crashed aircraft on Board of which were the players of the national team of Denmark. They were preparing for the Olympic football tournament in Rome.

Due to bad weather conditions, the pilot lost control of the aircraft.

Then killed 8 players, but despite the tragedy, the Danish football Association has decided not to refuse from participation in the Olympics.

“Green Cross”

3 APR 1961 team of the southern zone first division of the Championship Chile “green Cross” of Santiago in full force crashed in the mountain range of Las Estimas in the Cordillera. The players were returning from the Chilean city of Osorio. The disaster killed 24 people.

“The strongest”

26 September 1969 losses were another South American team “the strongest”, which at that time was the most popular football club in Bolivia. Athletes the plane crashed in the Andes, returning to the city of La Paz.

Then killed 19 players and leaders of the club “the strongest”. On Board were 74 people. No one survived.


The last day of 1970 was tragic for the Algerian team, “air-Liquid”.

The team at full strength was flying in a friendly in Spain, died in a plane crash December 31, 1970.


11 August 1979 plane crash over the territory of Ukraine claimed the lives of football players of Tashkent club “Pakhtakor”. At an altitude of 8 400 metres above Dneprodzerzhinsk (now the city of Kamenka, Dnipropetrovsk region) has faced two of the Tu-134.

Players of Tashkent club “Pakhtakor” was flying on match of the USSR championship with Dynamo Minsk. In the air, the aircraft collided with another Tu-134. He killed 17 members of the Uzbek club, including players and coaches.

In Dnipropetrovsk, a monument to those who died in the disaster.

“Alliance Lima”

December 8, 1987, 43 the representative of the Peruvian club, including players, team officials and fans died in a plane crash. The plane crashed into the sea about 10 kilometers from the capital of Peru.

The team returned home after the match of the national championship.

Dutch players

7 June 1989, the plane crashed in the capital of Suriname – Paramaribo.

During the landing the plane crashed, a flight from Amsterdam. Among the dead were 23 Dutch footballer of Surinamese origin.

Team Zambia

27 APR 1993 18 players of the national team of Zambia was killed in a plane crash. The plane that the team flew in a qualifying match for the world Cup with the national team of Senegal, crashed into the sea off the coast of Gabon.


28 November 2016 aircraft flying from the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra in the Colombian Medellin, crashed before reaching the airport. On Board were the players of the Brazilian club “Epicoene”. Killed 76 people – 19 of them players. They flew in for the match against the Colombian club “Atletico Nacional”.

Nine players “Epicoene” tragedies, not flying with the club for the final of the South American Cup against “Atletico Nacional”. And of those 22 players who flew on this flight, only three survived (Alan Russel, Jackson, Folmann and Elihu is not Present). Found alive on the goalkeeper Marcos Danilo later died in hospital

So they had fun the last time.

Que essa seja a última imagem dos guerreiros nosso. #ForçaChape

Associação Chapecoense de Futebol 29 Listopad 2016 R.

The death of the owner of “Lester”

27 Oct 2018 after the match “Leicester” against “West ham” crashed helicopter, on Board of which was the owner of “the Fox” Hang Srivatjanapong. The helicopter, which took off from the center of the field shortly after the end of the match, fell near the stadium to the Parking lot. None of the five people on Board survived. Fortunately, on the earth nobody has suffered.

Video of falling of the helicopter of the owner of “Lester”

The cause of the tragedy was to disconnect the pedals from the cockpit of the rotor in the tail of the helicopter, then the pilot lost control.

By the way, the tragedy could have worse consequences, since before the fall of the helicopter pilot managed to take him from crowded places, which helped to avoid many victims.

Srivatjanapong, who died in the crash, bought Leicester in 2010. In 2015/16, the team led by Claudio Ranieri sensationally became the champion of England.

The Disappearance Emiliano Sala

21 January 2019 over the channel disappeared in a small plane Piper Malibu. On Board except the pilot, there was only one passenger – the newbie club “Cardiff city” emiliano Sala. He was flying from France. Over the Strait, the pilot requested an emergency landing. However, later communication with the aircraft was lost. Thus, we started search and rescue operation.

Shortly before his disappearance, emiliano Sala has written several messages. Including the fact that he was scared because of a problem with the plane.

Soon rescuers found the wreckage of metal in place of a possible crash. However, regardless of whether they belong to the plane – is still unknown. Bodies yet discovered. The police does not exclude the possibility that the pilot and the player survived.

In Cardiff and Nantes (for a local club played emiliano Sala and from there he flew out that night), people began to bring flowers and light candles in memory of the player.


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