BIG Test: a Review b/Kia Sportage IV (2015-2018)

The experience of operating the previous Kia Sportage 4 generations on the roads of Ukraine from the autoexpert Sergey Voloshchenko.

Kia Sportage fourth generation began to release in 2015 and it instantly became popular. Maybe because so many saw in him a resemblance to the Porsche Cayenne. But in fact, Kia Sportage today excellent value “price-quality”. This makes it the sales leader among not only Kia, but even among all the new cars sold in the country. Will look on the shelves the reasons for its success and feasibility of buying “fourth” Kia Sportage on the secondary market.

The choice of engines

Despite the fact that the Korean brand Kia, the car is typically European. And not only because it is collected in Slovakia. By nature he is also European (if not to take into account the foot brake lever and the early setting of the ABS). As befits a European, he has a good selection of petrol and diesel engines.

The most affordable option (which is worth 16 800 € new) with 1.6 petrol engine and mechanics – even it it runs well. With the machine is a little different – it accelerates harder. Moreover, even two-liter diesel with all-wheel drive and automatic 180 force does not feel the hurricane dynamics. In addition, the fuel consumption had not quite diesel – about 10 l on 100 km, as a petrol engine with the turbine. But the 1.7 diesel 141 force (it is after restyling replaced by the same volume of 1.6 l) is the “Golden mean”. Easy overclocking, straightforward to manage, because the mass is small, excellent suspension, quiet and reasonable fuel consumption – 6.8 liters per hundred in mixed mode. It turns out that the 1.7 diesel is the optimal value and dynamics of the consumption.

Even in the severe frosts of minus 20-25 degrees start diesel easy and fast heats up.

Sports mode the transmission changes the character of the “Sport”, which frankly is configured to lazy, more economical mode. In sport mode the sensitivity of the pedal will rise somewhere in the third. Changing the sharpness control, set-up boxes.

Picking and salon

In Ukraine, Kia Sportage for sale in several models, the most simple Classic, Comfort and medium Business, as well as top-end GT Line. The latter is even in appearance and looks very expensive, but is the same – from 30 thousand Euro. So often we meet the middle configuration, which includes a very useful option.

For example, in the configuration of the test “Comfort+” – fabric interior, climate, heated front and rear seats and steering wheel (which is not the competition). But no Parking sensors and rear view camera (after restyling in this configuration it appeared), modest block radio, although the speakers sound very good.

In this price range is the most quiet and comfortable car. Even the wheel arches are efficiently isolated.
In salon soft materials, deep comfortable chairs. But the main minus is the floor mats. They are not original, their dealers are ordering for yourself, but save. They do not survive two years. So the mats have to get a spare or better.

In the back row plenty of space, and indeed “Sportage” spacious. The trunk is one of the biggest in the class, 466 liters. The perfect solution – when the curtain can be hidden underground in a special niche, but it is better to buy a rubber Mat or a bowl. Underground – full spare tire.

Crossover or SUV?

It is clear that off-road the Kia Sportage is not uniform. He has a ground clearance of 18 cm, and front – wheel drive (although there are 4×4 versions). But it lacks a head. Moreover, when choosing a car, question about all-wheel drive is not even standing. Plenty of clearance in combination with good winter tires is the ability to survive even the harshest winter. The machine is equipped with 16-inch tyres 205/65, I’m in version GT 19 wheels comfort much less.

Over 50 thousand miles the car was on IT 4 times. Distributor obliges to pass zero (in 5 thousands). Then, with a regularity once in 15 thousand I went to change the oil. The average cost of a THEN – 2900 UAH, a little less than 100 euros.

Problems and oddities

One day, somewhere in the 20 thousand run lit up the “check Engin”. The service asked what fuel to run and noted that it is necessary to choose only high-quality network of filling stations that sell European fuel. The fault was resolved by replacing the fuel filter.

Rather strange feature – the soft paint finish. It is scratched even from a small impact. For example, from the clutches of the dog. The conclusion is the most problematic place, it is necessary to glue or tape, or wax. Also some soft windshield – for 50 thousand is already chipped two of the stones. However, they were severlely and cracks do not diverge.

But the main claim to this vehicle – a robotic gearbox with two clutches. Even a new car, smoother operation in traffic left much to be desired. And on 50 thousand it is beginning to twitch already serious. If the machine is under warranty, the servicing experts without reservation recognize a warranty case. Changed to a new clutch, they say it is stronger.

Suspensions no complaints. The whole shock and even gum should not be changed. However, there is a suspicion that a bearing in the right front hub is starting to buzz, but still need to check the balancing, maybe after the pits the weight came off.
Conclusion the Kia Sportage is a sturdy machine.

Cost reduction

In 2017, the new Kia Sportage in picking “Comfort+” with a diesel engine of 1.7 liters and “robot” was worth 27 thousand dollars. Two years later in the sale the owners want for the same configuration at 20-22 thousands of dollars. That is, “Sportage” very well, keep the price drop is less than 25%.

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