Biathlon. The results of the men’s pursuit race in Pokljuka 09.12.2018

Biathlon. The results of the men’s pursuit race in Pokljuka 09.12.2018
17:01 Today the Telegraph Telegraph Sports sports news: last race Ended at the first stage of the biathlon world Cup.

The last race ended at the first stage of the biathlon world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka. Incredible Makarainen soukalova won the race, closed all 20 targets and demonstrating incredible speed. also perfectly coped with the shooting of Italy’s Dorothea Wierer. Both women took on the finish of the place from which started. Bronze was won by Dominika Paulina fialkova winning the fight at the Italian Lizi Vitozzi.

For Ukrainians the last start of the first world Cup stage in Slovenia turned out to be disastrous.

The best of the Ukrainians Julia Jim finished. As the winners of the race, she closed all the targets, however, due to the low speed on the track and low rate of fire finished only 24th, with a lag of almost three minutes . Note that individual race, where Jim won the gold, and the sprint Julia also has passed without failures and thus shut down all 50 targets in Pokljuka.

Your Top 3 of the women’s pursuit in @BiatlonPokljuka

1. @kmakarainen
2. Dorothea Wierer
3. Paulina Fialkova

Join us shortly for the medal ceremony in #POK18 live on

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) 9 Dec 2018

Captain Elena Podgrusha was a long time close to the top 10, but on the third shooting made a fatal mistake at the shooting range and dropped down to a dozen items, after which Elena fell and the running speed, the result is 27th place overall.

Valentina Semerenko decided not to finish, failing to start the race. A young Ukrainian woman Anastasiya Merkushyna, despite two penalties managed to improve his starting position and get into the points zone – 37-e a place at the youngest Ukrainian in this race.

The first phase of the world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka completed. The second phase will start in Hochfilzen 13 December the women’s sprint.

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