Betting on the Eurovision song contest in 2017: TOP facts about the favorites of bookmakers

The Eurovision song contest-2017 will be held may 13, and then will be known the winner’s name. As long as we learn more about the participants, which was set by the bookmakers.
Winning the Eurovision song contest-2017 bookmakers predict the representative of Italy Francesco Gabbani. Second place European offices give the Bulgarian Christian Kostova, and the third — the representative of Sweden Robin Bengtsson. Completing the top five leaders in bets bookmakers Portugal (Salvador Sobral) and Armenia (the Deputy). Ukraine was placed on the 24th place (recall our country at the Eurovision song contest will present the group O. Torvald with the song “Time”).
The website “24” has prepared some interesting facts about the likely winners of Eurovision-2017 betting bookmakers.
1st place. Italy, Francesco Gabbani
35-year-old participant of Eurovision from 2017 Italy Francesco Gabbani (Francesco Gabbani) — in the first place with bookmakers. And no wonder — in his country in recent years, this cheerful man achieved considerable success.

Eurovision 2017: bookies bet on Italy
Francesco, for two consecutive years won the festival of Sanremo — this was the first time in the history of the competition. In 2015, he won in the category of “newcomers”, and in 2016-m became the winner in the main competition with the song “Occidentali”s Karma”. With this composition he will represent Italy at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev.
After the victory in San Remo during the week disc with the single went gold, and within a month was twice platinum. Video for the song “Occidentali”s Karma”, where Francesco is dancing with a monkey went viral, and three months on YouTube, it was viewed more than 100 million users!

The song of the representative of Italy at the Eurovision song contest-2017 Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali”s Karma”
Interesting that the Italian could even finish her solo career not to reach such heights. In 2010, he left his first band Trikobalto for a solo career, and later would completely stop the stage and focus on songwriting. However, in 2015 his music label BMG has managed to convince the singer to take part in the festival of Sanremo, and then it happened the climb to the top of show business in Italy.
On the eve of Eurovision-2017 will be released third solo album Francesco Gabbani.
Francesco’s parents were the owners of a music store, so his love for music can be easily explained. His younger brother Filippo Gabbani (28 years old) plays on the team, Francesco on drums and helps him to find a rhythm for the songs.

The representative of Italy at the Eurovision song contest 2017 Francesco Gabbani became a YouTube star
The representative of Italy at the Eurovision song contest 2017 said that his song is for a large number of listeners, “different cultures and countries will love it.” Francesco proud that it can represent their country in front of every Caucasian, and believes in the quality under the brand “Made in Italy”.
2nd place. Bulgaria, Kristian Kostov
Bulgarian Christian Kostova only 17 years old, and he has a real chance to win the most important music prize in Europe! Despite his young age, the guy already has a lot of experience — he has been doing music since 6 years.

One of the favorites of the Eurovision song contest 2017 — Bulgarian Christian Kostov
At 14 years old he took part in Russian show “Golos. Children,” where his coach was one of the winners of Eurovision Dima Bilan. Already in 2015-m to year, the singer left Russia to take part in the Bulgarian “X Factor” — it took second place.
Two of his singles have topped the national radio charts. A video for the song “Vdigam Level” reviewed on YouTube, almost 7.5 million users.
Eurovision Kristian Kostov will perform a lyrical song “Beautiful Mess”. The song tells of the chaos in which we all live, and the Holy, untouchable love.

The song participant of Eurovision from 2017 Bulgaria Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess”
The 3rd place. Sweden, Robin Bengtsson
Robin played the guitar since the age of 13 and later learned to play trumpet, the guy writes songs. When he was 17, in 2008, pop musician took part in the Swedish reality show “Idol” and literally blew all the judges with his soulful and Mature voice. More fame Robin took part in 2016 in a music competition Melodifestivalen with the song “Constellation Prize”, though the guy and it took as many as fifth place.

Pop singer from Sweden at Eurovision 2017 predict a third place
Since 2008 Robin Bengtsson has released 13 singles and one mini album. His song “Constellation Prize” was in massive rotation and twice went platinum.
Now Robin 27. In the past he was a motorcyclist, and this is the father. He loves music, travel, sports and his family. And the Eurovision wanted to act since childhood. On stage in Kiev on may 9 in the semifinals of the Eurovision-2017 Robin Bengtsson perform rhythmic song “I Can not Go On”.

Robin Bengtsson will be performing in the semi-final of the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kiev on may 9
4th place. Portugal, Salvador Gathered
Young and romantic Salvador studied psychology, but the love of music took over. Born in Lisbon, while the guy lived in the US and in Barcelona. Trained at the prestigious school Taller de Musics and participated in several high-profile music projects. His account is already full music album called “Excuse Me” (2016).

The Eurovision song contest 2017 Portugal will present a magical tenor Salvador Gathered
His music is provocative, bright, with hints of Latin America. On stage, the singer impresses with spontaneity and sincerity, and his sweet tenor voice is simply mesmerizing. In his speech at the national selection in Portugal, there were no special effects and shows, El Salvador has bribed all by voice and charisma.
The song “Amar Pelos Dois” (“two of us”), which the Portuguese will perform at Eurovision-2017 in Kiev, wrote no less talented sister of El Salvador Luisa Sobral. The singer says that the song is simple, emotional and spontaneous. And Eurovision-2017 Salvador perceives as a great opportunity to get known outside of Portugal and take a step up in her musical career.

Song representative of Portugal at Eurovision 2017 “Amar Pelos Dois”
5th place. Armenia, Artsvik
Family Artsvik Harutyunyan moved to Moscow when she was 5 years old. The singer is now 32 and she returned to Armenia. Girl-on-education — psychologist-speech therapist, but music has always been a big part of her personality. Artsvik sang and composed different kinds of music since childhood.

Artsvik Armenian, will perform at the Eurovision song contest 2017
To seriously study music the girl was inspired by the movie “the Bodyguard” (1992) and the work of Whitney Houston. In 2012, the Deputy becomes a member of the project “jazz Parking”. In the same year she successfully performed in the second season of the Russian show “Voice” and becomes a sensation. In Russia and Armenia, she has a sea of fans, the singer has participated in numerous international festivals and now is the time to conquer Europe. In her repertoire — as the original performance of the Armenian folk songs, covers of known hits and great songs.
Artsvik always wanted to represent Armenia at the Eurovision song contest, and now, after returning home in 2016, the singer received the opportunity. On the main stage of Eurovision-2017 in Kiev Armenian girl sing the song “Fly With Me”. In the melody of the song you will hear Armenian ethnic motives.

The song is Armenia’s representative at Eurovision 2017 “Fly With Me”
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