Best gadgets 2018 – rating Techno 24

We continue to bring technological results of the passing year. In this material, remember the best gadgets in 2018, which his own characteristics or unique features have attracted the attention of users.
Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 3

This is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated devices of the year. The first unique advantage of the Mi Band 3, which is no one such gadget is NFC module. It allows the user Mi Band to pay in stores. However, this function is not yet working in Ukraine.

Mi Mi Band 3 and Band 2 are different, in particular, and design

In addition, the gadget is equipped with a water protection IP68, as well as using Mi Band 3, you can dial or receive a call. Novelty has a touch OLED screen. This display can display a variety of information, until the incoming message.

An important advantage of the Mi Band 3 is its battery life on a single charge fitness wristband can work up to 20 days. There is also support for smart Wake-up and function of self-monitoring of pulse.

Now in local shops sell Mi Band 3 for the price of 800 UAH.

Smart watch Apple Watch Series 4

Autumn Apple presented the new generation of smart hours Apple Watch Series 4. The gadget has got really unique features. In particular, the device runs on the new dual-core S4 processor, which is twice faster than the previous version.

One of the important new features of the device lies in the fact that the watch “reads” when suddenly his owner fell and offers to call the emergency number. At the same time, if the device sees that the user is not moving for a minute, then sends a message to the ambulance. By the way, this feature has saved the life of a user in Sweden.

As for the heart rate monitor, this function also improved. Now the watch can send messages about periods of rapid or too slow heartbeat.

Looks like the Apple Watch Series 4: video

Moreover, the device can alert the owner about health problems and advised to go to the doctor. The watch can also conduct electrocardiography is the first in the history of smart watches, which have a similar function.

On the Ukrainian market new costs from 15 thousand hryvnia.

IPad Pro 2018

During this presentation, Apple has presented another interesting device – the iPad Pro 2018. He, of course, is not unique but has got features that can compete with a full-fledged laptop.

iPad Pro 2018 lost the “home”button

So, iPad Pro 2018 received a Liquid Retina display as the iPhone Xr. He also lost the Home button, because now it supports FaceID.

The most interesting thing in this device – processor A12X Bionic. He performed on a 7-nanometer process technology, as chip A12. Also, the processor has at its disposal 8 CPU cores and 7 cores in the GPU. Therefore, thanks to its powerful chip and an updated chart iPad Pro can become a full-fledged console or laptop.

By the way, Apple together with launched Adobe full Photoshop on the iPad, which increases the functionality of the product.

Looks like the iPad Pro 2018: video

In addition, iPad Pro 2018’ve got the basic 12-megapixel camera with a 5x optical zoom. Front camera resolution is 7 Megapixels.

In Ukraine the prices for a novelty start from 20 thousand hryvnias.

Smart display Facebook Portal

Looks smart speakers become “yesterday”. This year, several companies introduced their smart display – literally, it’s the same smart-column-only display.

We are interested in smart display, which was presented by the Corporation Facebook. He has got two versions with the names Portal and Portal Plus and a diagonal of 10 and 15.6 inches.

Portal and Portal Plus can be considered a kind of successor to the smart speakers

The novelty is equipped with a camera and microphone for video calls. At the same time in Facebook claim that you can completely disable the camera and microphone one touch or block the lens cap of the camera.

Portal can call someone for help Facebook Messenger, in contrast to the Echo Show the Echo Spot, which can only call other users or Show and Spot users that use Alexa.

The Portal also can stream music from Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music. Smart displays available Alexa voice assistant, which provides access to many features of Amazon.

Portal with 10-inch display will arrive on shelves with a price tag of $ 199 (about 5 300 UAH). Portal Plus, which got a 15.6-inch display, will cost $ 349 (about 9 UAH 200).

Headset Hushme

Interesting device was developed by the Ukrainian startup Hushme is a headset that will help users to communicate by phone so that they are not heard by other people. Design presented on the Japanese community CAMPFIRE, where the product collected 80 thousand dollars. That is 9 times more than planned creators.

The set works in three modes. In the first it can be used as wireless headphones. The second mode – “passive concealment,” the headset seal around the mouth with the help of magnets. In this mode the conversation the user will not be able to hear others.

The development is aimed at the Japanese market

The third mode – “active camouflage”. In this case, the user includes special speakers, which start to generate masking sounds.

According to the developers, now they are focused on the Japanese market, because this market is a priority for this development. The first batch Hushme should go on sale in February 2019.

How does the headset Hushme: video

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