Before the new year will be a feeding frenzy, a political scientist on the work of the new government

August 29, the first meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of IX convocation. On this day the deputies approved the new composition of the government. Most of the top positions in the country got people who little known to Ukrainians. But not without the “old” entities.

Analyst Eugene Magda, in the channel 24 said that the formation of the new Cabinet was more influenced by the Office of the President than the Prime Minister himself Alexey Goncharuk. After all, it was that Vladimir Zelensky previously met with the candidates for Ministers.

“By the way, I drew attention to the new product that the President decided on the candidate for Prime Minister. It is, in fact, from the point of view of legislation, is wrong. This should determine the parliamentary majority and to submit his candidacy, which the President introduced to the Parliament,” – said the expert.

He believes that the current government is dialectical. It really is people with adequate professional backgrounds, though many of them unknown to the General public. Professional background they have, but there is one problem – the faction of the “servant of the people”, by and large, prior to the approval of the program of the government of any fire,
– said the analyst.

According to him, the parliamentary majority in this sense is a very big temptation. To have a parliamentary majority and a “voting machine – it is the desire of any political party in a democratic state.

Do not be surprised that by the end of 100 days, close to the new year, will be held a public whipping, who will not cope so “goodbye” and quickly appoint a new
– said Magda.

New Cabinet / Infographic 24 channel


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