Beekeeper: Moscow wants to change the leader of “LNR”

Among the top of quasisecurity that rossiskih occupants nominally set to lead “LPR”, here is the second week continue disassembly.

According to sources, Without Taboo, the leaders of the terrorists involved in the battle for the throne after the capture two years ago the government Leonid Beekeeper sharply poplohelo.

The terrorist went to Moscow, where he underwent heart surgery. However, pankatsya with the leader psevdorespubliki Russian curators do not intend, therefore, to wait until he recovers from intervention, hardly anyone is going. At the moment, the Kremlin decided who to replace collaborators. And while the curators discuss the nominees, close to the Beekeeper suit large-scale showdown between them in the hope of proclaiming them as leaders of the “LNR”.

Someone is going to appoint a “premiere” quasisecurity, is still unknown.

And while the tip of the arguing among themselves and fighting for power, the disappearance of the leader had already noticed the serfs. Not the appearance of a beekeeper on TV and among people tends to make people thinking about that in the occupied territories are once again feuding.

It is noteworthy that psevdosmi for all the absence of the militants in Lugansk report about how he “signed the decrees” and “is active”.

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