“Bee is not the same” Alina Grosu opened a network of racy photos

Alina Grosu posted in candid Instagram photo with a deep neckline. Photo: viva.ua

Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who are building their careers in Russia, have shared candid shots of the photo shoot.

The singer on his page on Instagram published three photos, which are posing in torn jeans and a bodysuit with a deep neckline.

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However, the opinions of fans on the pictures were different: “Mdaa bee is not the same”, “Cheap vulgarity”, “Breasts certainly luxury”, “Charming girl.”

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As with the old posters? 1/2/3 ? #liberigas

Publication from GROSU (@alina_grosu) APR 8, 2019 at 2:30 PDT

Ukrainian singer 23-year-old Alina Grosu, who lives and works in Russia, is getting married. For 4 years she meets a guy named Alexander. A long-awaited wedding will take place in Venice in June.


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