Became known why “Desna” will play in the Premier League 2017/18



Photo: FC Desna

The representatives of the FFU revealed the circumstances of non-refoulement Chernihiv “Desna” certificate for participation in the UPL season 2017/18.

As it became known, UFF already for the third year asks the club to streamline its activities. In 2015, the year the entire budget of Gum amounted to about 500 thousand UAH, in 2016 – a little more than 500 thousand UAH. At the money club in the Premier League can not function.

Another interesting figure is for the whole 2016 year total salary of the players made up close to 100 thousand UAH. Reporting Gums three discussed at the meeting of the Committee this year.

For April from Chernigov provided payroll players with totals of 2 400 UAH. player. Payroll taxes are less than 10 thousand UAH from the total composition. According to the documents, the average number of staff – 7 people. It’s the people – the management, the players . Among all professional clubs that have passed the certification of the Gum worst documents.

UEFA encourages national associations to ensure that all professional clubs were covered by the licensing procedure. But the Premier League clubs fall under more stringent monitoring – twice a month clubs provide information to UEFA. For example, on December 31, provide annual reports, as is common for all legal persons. In April via an online system UEFA collects information on all clubs across Europe and makes an analytical paper. In June every Premier League club must confirm the absence of arrears of wages. If suddenly does not work – as of 30 Sep. It’s a PR side to the Federation. We can not allow the club with an annual budget of 20 thousand euros. The Federation is also checked annually, and if the FFU does not pass inspection – can be sanctions. There are so-called compliance audits. UEFA comes and looks, when he received the application what documents are presented, what expert opinion. If they see that the Federation was not the reason for the grant of certificates – Federation can be fined, deprived of part of the payments from UEFA, the extreme case is to deny the right to certify clubs.

UEFA is building a three-level system of assessment. Civil division is reviewing the situation and gives his opinion on the basis of expert evaluation in five areas – legal, infrastructure, and human resources, administrative, sports and Finance. Then the materials submitted to the Committee for evaluation, which consists of 11 specialists from the relevant committees. On the Gum at three meetings addressed the issue of compliance of the club with the minimum requirements of the Premier League. The Committee’s opinion is negative. The Gum had the opportunity to prove his worth to the Appeal Committee. But club officials did not consider it possible or important to provide additional arguments.

At the meeting of the Appeals Committee of the club from Chernigov came the Vice-President who was hired the day before the meeting. When asked about whether he agrees with the appeal of the club – he said he didn’t see her.

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