Beauty-trend-fall 2017: how to create metallic lips

Lipstick with a metallic effect, the biggest trend of fall 2017. However, there are rules on how and when to use lipstick with this color.
Metal lipstick or lip gloss can be shiny and matte, but they clearly cast bronze, different shades of gold, silver, platinum and mercury. On the lips these funds have seemed to Shine from within.
Special lipstick with the effect of the metals already released Dior, and Maybelline. In the fall makeup collection includes a lipstick with a metallic coating. Shades – from natural to extreme, bright and dark.
Beauty-trend-fall 2017: metallic lips
To achieve a metallic effect on the lips is possible without the aid of special lipsticks. It is enough to add a little shiny pigment on top of the normal lip balm. They have a light texture, like the loose eyeshadow and on the lips they are almost not felt. The pigments can be completely different colors, from pale to bright natural and dark.

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