Beautiful greetings for Easter 2017: the best cards and poems

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Easter 2017


Easter is around the corner, don’t forget to congratulate friends and relatives with a Great holiday.

Easter 2017 is the brightest and probably the long-awaited holiday of the year. I remember childhood, the aroma of grandma’s freshly baked cakes, morning bustle, and joyful shouts of “Christ is Risen!” . Despite the fact that many of us will not be able to be with all my family and friends in this festive day of Christ’s Resurrection, it is imperative to congratulate the people close to us.

On this day Christ came

To save our world from evil!

Eternal glory to him!

Overcomes the darkness!

I congratulate all my heart

This great joy!

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A happy Easter congratulations

And I wish you all the best,

May God bless,

And eternal happiness award!

And then again

The words “Christ is risen!”.

Each other smile:

“He is risen indeed!”

We have the feast of divine

Congratulations from the heart!

A solemn mood

His meet you.

Hail, Easter stately!

The Lord looks from heaven,

As the jubilant Orthodox:

“Christ is risen!”


“Christ is risen!”

Good wish,

Big miracles!

So with God in your heart

Brighter life,

He is with us again –

Christ Has Risen!

We wish you

Love always:

Where love melts –

The soul is empty.

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Miracle of miracles,

Back on the earth Christ is risen!

Glisten in the sun dome

Ringing all the bells!

Birds chirping, everything is blooming,

The son of God, happiness will bring!

With the day of Holy Easter to you, friends,

Let the flourishes family!

Congratulations! Christ Is Risen,

Well, big miracles,

That with God in heart, life was brighter.

He is with us again – Christ has Risen!

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Sunday has come!

How to calm the soul and light!

Let it be life on the joy of generous!

Full of warmth, hope and kindness.

Bless you Christ

From any bad weather,

From a wicked tongue,

From pain and from disease,

From an intelligent enemy

Of other petty,

And give you the Lord

Since it is in His power,

Health, long years,

Love and again happiness!

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And then again

The words Christ is risen!.

Each other smile:

He is risen indeed!

Christ is risen!

And triumphs

Life vozroditsya again

The light, the darkness of Winter, banish, cheers,

Christ is risen!

And with him — love!

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Loud drip drip

Outside our window.

Birds merrily singing,

In Easter guests came to us.

I woke up and hear spring knocking at the window!

Drops rushing from the roof, all is light-light!

And it seems— not birds and Angels fly.

That soon Easter, they will tell us!

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

The sun shines from the heavens!

Turned green a dark forest,

Christ is risen indeed!

Spring has come – a time of miracles,

Gurgling spring – Christ is risen!

Lighter in the world of words –

Truly Christ is risen!

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Sing songs of Light Easter!

This day of all days beautiful!

My door you knock.

Waiting for you too cakes.

Clear and Sunny in the Bright Easter!

Red Easter eggs, songs and dances.

Light on the soul, as from the bright candles.

And already on the table waiting for the cakes.

Let them spread around the world: he is Risen!

We will always hope together.

With Faith in love, in the Golden years.

Together. Today. Now. Forever.

Tell the birds, the river and the forest:

Today is a holiday! Christ Is Risen!

Speeding the song up to the heavens:

Serene holiday! Christ Is Risen!

We are shining stars, the darkness disappeared.

Today is a holiday! Christ Is Risen!

More wonderful tales and all the wonders

Serene holiday! Christ Is Risen!

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Everywhere bells buzzing,

Of all the churches the people coming down.

Dawn looks from heaven already…

Christ is risen!Christ is risen!

That wakes the earth

And dress up the field

Spring is full of wonders!

Christ is risen!Christ is risen!

Bells ringing from heaven:

“Christ is risen! Christ is risen!”

As the promise of miracles:

“He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

Let this voice from the sky

Bless spiritual work

Let the feelings best will rise again

And never die!

Bells to ring in spring

And hope we woke up again.

Easter is the feast of the Resurrection.

Let rise again Faith and Love!

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I congratulate you with Easter,

Let there be life, magical stories!

Let the bells

Will save a soul from shackles!

Easter comes to us again,

Much joy to bear,

I wish you good,

With the day of the Holy congratulate!

Lovely holiday, Easter at the gates,

And pleasant with a lot of hassle.

Cake sideways ruddy gold –

Let you get lucky tonight!

Today the sun shines brighter,

The stronger the wind hits the window,

And the scream rushing up to heaven:

Christ is Risen indeed!

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We wish You to give the Lord all –

Health, prosperity, prosperity!

In cases that do not interfere with anything

Let this life be sweet!

Grace reigns in my soul

and generosity of heart will not fade!

The Lord save and keep

and prosperity will bring!

Happy Easter!

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Christ is risen! Clear day

All grace dawns.

Do not darken the shadow

Eyes let joy Shine.

For the Easter holiday from century to century

Flies descended from heaven

From person to person

Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen!

“Christ is risen!”, “He is risen indeed!” –

Rejoice with us our whole power,

Rushing this joy to heaven.

Christ is risen! Forever glory!

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Congratulate You on Easter –

Happiness, joy, kindness.

Let love rule always,

And the heat lives in the soul.

The flavor of the cake, let it fill your home

Gather the family at the dinner table.

Let our hearts be filled with the light of heaven.

On Easter, Holy you warmth and wonder!

“Christ is risen!” for a place Hello,

“He is risen indeed!” – the good news is heard,

Congratulations on Easter day,

Let Your your life be filled with goodness!

Bells ringing from heaven:

“Christ is risen! Christ is risen!”

As the promise of miracles:

“He is risen! He is risen indeed!”

I heard the sound of bells,

There’s joy everywhere votes

Jesus is risen! Yay!

Our God praise!

Sunday has come!

How to calm the soul and light!

Let it be life on the joy of generous!

Full of warmth, hope and kindness.

I congratulate with Easter You

The bells are sounding in this hour,

They are good news

Christ Is Risen Indeed!

Christ Is Risen! Congratulations

A happy Easter! Let hovers

In the soul of love and purity,

Let the beauty of the surrounds!

Happy Easter! May you be happy,

Let go to all the bad weather,

May the Lord bless

And grief will protect!

I say Christ is risen!

And happiness I wish you,

The blessings of heaven

Today you portend.

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