Beautiful cards Catholic Christmas 25 December 2018

Beautiful cards Catholic Christmas 25 December 2018 See photo (20)
12:08 Today’s Telegraph on the night of December 25, Catholics around the world celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most important religious holidays. And if the Orthodox celebrate it on January 7, Catholics celebrate this great holiday on December 25. We offer you a beautiful greetings with the Catholic Christmas 25 December 2018.

Congratulations now with Christmas

Necessarily I wish you happiness,

Looked so it in your home

Yes you often had to meet him.

We are glad to know you.

And the reciprocity we have with you, river.

We will treat you pies today,

From of fate like this,

Which was always behind us.

Whether we are working, and maybe, busy with the Affairs of –

We always let the communication is not lost with you.

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Merry Christmas! You always let the stars Shine bright, may the angel that helps and guides the way. Even in a life surrounded by kindness and happiness. And that in life miracles happened, and the main dream was carried out.

In a wonderful day of Christmas

You want magic,

To fell a white snow,

So the work was a success.

The house was wealth,

That honey was the only sweet

And unadulterated bitter.

So You were happy more often

Today I wish You.

Merry Christmas to You, congratulations!

Greetings Christmas for your loved ones


Merry Christmas! Let your heart be warmed with love, and the soul dreams, let the life is very pleasant meetings with friends, but destiny is a big success. Let every day becomes a special event, and every holiday is a real miracle!


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Merry Christmas!

Open the door to the house

Run in his happiness

Yes, chase away bad weather.

Rejoice and smile,

But faith try

In the heart to cherish,

About the goodness of Christ to pray.

To light you soul aspire,

Be happy, not proud,

Clever word enjoy!

Very light, good, festive mood. Joy, sparkle in the eyes, smiles, positive thoughts and luck, spiritual harmony, and only real people around. Let the fairy tale to come to the house, the beam of heat and light will protect every day. Believe only in the best, then all of the pleasant meetings are not accidental.

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Christmas is a time of miracles,

Christmas is a time of gifts.

Merry Christmas! Even today, from heaven

The stars Shine especially bright.

Let your dreams come true,

And the hardships will pass by yourself.

Let all thoughts will be pure,

And the Lord bless all of favorite.

Merry Christmas. May your home be filled with warmth and comfort. Everything, even the smallest dreams. The hearts of relatives and friends will be warmed by the love and care. The people around are kind and helpful. And the Christmas star always shines the way!

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In light holiday of Christmas

I wish all good,

Happiness, good health,

Live in the heart with great love

That family was near,

The warmth around you,

Peace, light, magic,

Life was so fabulous!

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