“Beaten on the legs and belly” – the political prisoner Pavel Grib told about the torture

19-year-old Paul Mushroom was kidnapped by Russian special services in Belarus photos: people’s truth

Prisoner of the Kremlin Paul Mushroom, which the FSB was kidnapped in the Belarusian city of Gomel told the truth about his kidnapping and torture.

The Ukrainian went into a Russian prison after a date with the Russian woman Tatiana Ershova, writes Novaya Gazeta.

At trial, the guy said that the FSB of Russia stole his 25th of August.

“After the conversation I went to the bus station to return to Ukraine, however, I was met by unknown people. There were five of them. Looked like ordinary people – jeans, black jackets. On my head wearing a hood, dragged into a van and taken to the woods. Beaten on his legs and stomach, caught it on camera; they took the documents and return ticket “, – said the Ukrainian political prisoner.

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Paul said that he was tortured in what the gym.

“Remember there was the Swedish wall. I threatened to hang her upside down. Hands tied weights. In a toilet drove, but did not allowed to drink or eat. And then to the investigator. He said,” or you admit everything, or remain here “, – said the Mushroom.

Iryna Gerashchenko has received a letter from Ukrainian political prisoner of the Kremlin Oleg Sentsov.

In it, he asks to send greetings to all Ukrainians, President Poroshenko and Minister Pavel Klimkin.


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