“Barcelona” scandal took place in the quarterfinals of the Spanish Cup – video

Dembele, right, scored twice. Photo: Twitter

In the return match of 1/8 final of the Cup of Spain “Barcelona” big beat “Levante – 3:0 (first match – 1:2) and have qualified for the next round of the tournament. A brace Dembele (30 and 31 minutes), another goal in the asset Messi (54 min.).

However, Levante have a chance to appeal the result of this match, as it took part disqualified the player of the Catalans Tschumi by car.

The President of “Levante” quico Catalan said that the club intends to file a complaint against Barcelona.

“This is a difficult situation. We, the people of sport, love to win on the field. Whatever happens, Levante tomorrow to discuss the situation with the football Federation of Spain.

If we do not overcome Barcelona, we will file a complaint. But if we go through, we will write a report about what happened.

We understand that Spain had already been similar precedents, therefore, we intend to apply to the Federation, we have a good reason for this,” said the Catalan in the comments Goal.com.

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Barcelona 22 times won the Spanish Cup. This is a record among all Spanish clubs.


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