Baptism 2018: MOE is ready to host the swimming

In the night from 18 to 19 January thousands of believers to reach out to the reservoirs, traditionally three times to plunge into the hole. On Thursday, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov personally inspected places for Epiphany bathing. From evening to morning rescuers will provide security and comfort of citizens. Who can swim, how many in Moscow of fonts and how to save from 5 people who fell under the water, found out “MK”.

It seems that winter has its own special calendar. Because every year under the Baptism begins to rapidly colder. But for our citizens it is not a hindrance. The emergency, ensuring the safety of the Epiphany bathing, walks in and approaches to build safe and warm-feed the people, and, if necessary, and to provide assistance. To check the readiness of the entire infrastructure on the example of Silverpine came to the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov.

The route wants to take a dip in the plunge pool is nearly the same as summer on the beach. First the cloakroom. It’s a big warm tent. It benches and hangers. Then go to the wooden flooring to the baptismal font. Them all there are 4 pieces. The air is so cold that the water surface crust is formed almost immediately after clearing. To the baptismal font made wooden decks, they are rubber mats that don’t slide and stairs in the font. A recommend to take Slippers, Bathrobe and hooded towel. The edges of the fonts – the lighting of the lamp, next to them a life preserver.

Each font lifeguards and divers. On the edge of the lake stands the hovercraft. After the procedure of washing – again in the locker room and then hot tea and porridge from the field kitchen. In case someone become ill, then there is a medical team. They are ready and in place to provide assistance and, if necessary, send to the hospital.

Vladimir Puchkov looked in the locker room and made sure it was warm, even the technology of donning a life vest in employees is checked. Went to the baptismal font, examined them and was pleased with the result.

And here rescuers fell “emergency situation.” Of course, everything did not happen for real, but as you know, it’s hard to exercise — easy in battle.

That’s one of the swimmers becoming ill. Two rescuers immediately come to the rescue. Of an unconscious person in the water, hauled out on special, hard stretcher, cover with insulated blanket. It’s a special fabric, which returns heat to the human body. Transporterowych the victim and provide assistance.

No sooner had the rescuers to carry the injured to the first aid station, as the four negligent “bathing” fail to wormwood. They desperately yelling for help, holding on to the ice. To approach such a person is risking himself to be in the water. Therefore, rescuers within literally 10 seconds you are at a hole, using a special device. It’s like a big roll of thick rubber. The lifeguard lay down on it and begins to roll it in front of him, creeping towards the victim. Finally the man dragged on the ice and transportyou to the point of first aid. Another victim, literally, caught with telescopic rescue kit. This device looks like a great bait on the end of her lifeline. Person pulls on the ice and also lead to doctors. Another man was rescued using hovercraft — rescue workers managed to approach the sinking as far as possible and pull it aboard. And fourth rescuers came from shore and also pulled it on the ice.

But it turns out that on ice originally had 5 people and one has already gone under the water. On the ice is again three rescuers. One of them boldly dives. It even from the cold to watch. 20 seconds and a mannequin depicting the sinking, is on the ice. The rescuer uses a special search device — it is capable of detecting a large object on an area of 6 hectares and a depth of 300 meters. Now all saved.

Just for safety for Baptism, according to Vladimir Puchkov, has attracted more than 9,500 and 3,000 units of equipment.

– All services are prepared to assist the person, — he stressed. — I would like to appeal to all the citizens and ask them again to show care, attention, and to calculate the forces.

MOE recalls that in no case can not bathe people with cardiovascular disease, changes in pressure, diabetes, lung disease. You need to carefully listen to your health and, of course, exclude the use of alcohol before bathing.

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