Bakalov: “the Team has not played in an indoor soccer”

Yuri Bakalov/ photo: Glavred_life

The coach of FC Lviv Yuriy Bakalov commented on TV “Football 2” departure of his club in the semi-finals of the Cup of Ukraine from Luhansk “Dawn” (0:1).

“Excuses don’t want to. Today the game turned out. The teams tried to win at the expense of their best qualities. Closed there was no football. We have slightly rearranged their game. However, to play on two fronts we are a bit heavy, human resource is not enough.

Today, all decided by individual skill. Without goals can’t be wins that is the main factor. We and Zarya had moments. Today could be the euphoria of who scores – he gets a victory. We could not do, and the opponent of your moment used. I would like to congratulate “Dawn” with the semi-finals, I wish them to reach the final. We will be rooting for them.”

1/4 finals of the Cup of Ukraine. “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo”. Live stream.

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