Baby walkers: pros and cons for the child

Baby walkers: pros and cons for the child
13:55 Today’s Telegraph Photo: These tips will help You understand whether or not to buy baby walkers.

First, always choose a cot and highchair. It’s convenient facilities, the first for the individual dream, the second is for a separate feeding place in the kitchen. But the Walker is the same necessity as slings and backpacks; or the same fashion as a Bicycle-transformers and the strollers?

Do I need a Walker baby?

If you need the Walker to the child or parents? Getting up on his feet in an attempt to make a move, the child tenses like loading a sack of cement. Endeavor as the first urge to produce breast milk. Remember how difficult it is to decant older hands, and how famously does this newborn thanks to the instincts? Moms often forget that the baby needs himself (!) to try new things. Help is good, but to overshadow the learning process nobody wants. Besides, feeling the first joy of movement, the child put in the chain (for the legs and pelvis) to it, as has Matera runner were moving through the apartment.

The wall is not needed, why rely on them? Losing balance, the kid pushes off from the floor. The weight is shifted forward. He needs to pull his body weight and the weight of the fixture (the shackles are put on him). This can be compared to arena, which allows not to fear for the child, locking him in a confined space. The Walker kid is protected, but it seems like free. And now, feet barely reach the floor, the movement on the toes. The curvature of the foot, misalignment of the spine. Feeling your weight on two legs, the child can easily bend feet in knees, knowing that will not fall.

As a result, food for the woodpecker goes without difficulty, so I don’t have to try for hours to get it. Here, the same thing, because it is not only in bursts to know their strength. One year old baby can not cover the “oxygen” in an attempt to learn how to do the natural work. Occurs banal atrofirovany lower extremities.

Which Walker is best for the child?

If it is worth the urgency or guests are making this gift for child, please pay attention to several aspects:

  • Walkers needed the mother and not the child. But if the baby will to use them, you need to choose for growth.
  • Accessory must have a height adjustment. As a child gets older, you need to raise the seat. Stoppers – a prerequisite, if the baby is tired and wants to rest.
  • The stops immobilize the Walker, and a baby standing on his feet, not hanging in that position, at which point it will be when you stop on a Walker.
  • Walkers-wheelchairs – banned completely. They not only disrupt the stabilization of the vestibular apparatus, but also will make the baby lazy child who used to lean on something, lean, etc. in addition, if a wheelchair will go, the baby will fall and get hurt.
  • Walker-rocking – transformersa from transportation to real estate subject to sickness of the baby. If you want the child to sleep there, give up the crib and forget about sleep.

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What Walker is better for the child that the baby will be safely move and play at the table and learn new abilities of his body. For example, run. However, in modern Walker he stumbles – distance from the feet up to the rim is so small that you have to raise the seat. Because of the height he will not be able to make a start. So run and jump he would be in a different place. The alternative – the Joovy Walker without rear wall of the bumper.

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