Award winners 23 the national award “person of the year 2018” (PHOTO)

Photo: Michael Kutz

March 23, in the hall of the National Opera of Ukraine hosted the XXIII solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the nationwide program “Person of the year 2018” and winners of international and special awards program.

This celebration of Human and humanity, and humanistic ideals, the exaltation of those who are deserving of public recognition. And the dominant theme is fully reflected in the motto of the ceremony – “the Potential of new achievements.”

New names, new trends, unexpected discoveries initially were and remain specific to each ceremony. Present the ceremony allows you to make another great conclusion: with the passage of time “person of the year” visibly younger.

This also applies to the final atmosphere of the holidays, in which Protocol-academic features blend harmoniously with a slight aura of improvisation, companionship. And, of course, considerably younger range of people attracted the attention of experts of the program. They practically dominate the economic categories of the program, and this is a very encouraging trend.

The emotional intensity and the festive mood gave a ceremonial action and performances by famous domestic and foreign artists: Rosa Rymbaeva, Anatoly Yarmolenko, Katya Buzhinskaya, Kamaliya, Natalia Walewska, Susanna Chakhoyan, Tamara Kalinkina, Vlad Sytnik, Alexei Sagalovsky, Oleg Shak, Tatiana Piskareva, Mandisa.

March evening at the National Opera presented all the incredible range of emotions, a sense of belonging to the birth of something new and meaningful, knowing that the true wealth of a civilized society is, People with its eternal values and bright dreams.

“Viva, “man of the year”!

The holders of the awards “man of the year 2018” in 17 national categories, are:

“Regional leader of year”

Maxim STEPANOV – the Chairman of Odessa regional state administration;

“Mayor of the year”

Andrew BALOGH – the Mayor of Mukachevo (the Transcarpathian region);

“The leader of the United territorial community of the year”

Ruslan MAYSTRUK – Chairman Tetievsky OTO (Kyiv region);

“Industrialist of the year”

Dmitry IORGACHOV – General Director of PJSC “Odeskabel”;

“Entrepreneur of the year”

Maksym KOZITSKY – Director of “Eco-Optima”;

“Manager of the year”

Michael BORODAVKO – General Director of PJSC “Ukrenergomontazh”;

“Financier of the year”

Sergei TIGIPKO – the Chairman of JSC “TASKOMBANK”;

“Insurance market leader of the year

Natalie BAZILEVSKAYA – Chairman of the Board of PJSC “GRAWE UKRAINE life Insurance”;

“The leader of small and medium business of the year”

Ruslan CAHLO – President of the company “Soyuz Masterov beauty of Ukraine”;

“Agrarian of the year”

Sergey TARASOV – Founder and head of the agricultural holding “I & U”;

“The leader of the logistics industry of the year”

LLC “Hoedlmayr logistics Ukraine” – the Executive Director – Tatiana Streltsova;

“Residential complex of the year”


The President of Corporation Alexander Latamber;

“The hotel complex of the year”

Hotel “BANKHOTEL” (Lviv). General Manager – Taras KUZIK;

“Television journalist of the year”

Svetlana OREL (TV Channel “direct”);

“Sportsman of the year”

Alexander USIK – Absolute world champion on Boxing in heavy weight (WBO, WBC, IBF, WBA (Super), The Ring);

“Maecenas of the year”

Anna KORSHUNOVA – President of the NGO “Belaya Ptah,” the Chairman of the Board charitable Foundation “Fund the Future”;

“New generation of the year”

Tatiana PETRAKOVA – Social activist, author of 500 social projects, editor in chief of the national social gloss Ukrainian People.

The winners of international and special prizes of the program “person of the year 2018” steel:

Hermine POPPELLER – Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine – the international prize in the field of diplomacy.

Salem Ahmed AL-KAABI – Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the UAE to Ukraine – international award for significant contribution to the development of partnership and friendly relations and economic relations with Ukraine.

Roza RYMBAEVA – people’s artist of Kazakhstan – international award in the field of culture and art.

Anatoly YARMOLENKO , people’s artist of Belarus, head of the Belarusian vocal-instrumental ensemble “Syabry” –international award for outstanding contribution to the development of culture and art of Ukraine.

Ada ROGOVTSEVA – Hero of Ukraine, people’s artist of Ukraine – the Special prize.M.Voronin “For the high style of life.”

Alexander NIKONENKO – an outstanding scientist, surgeon and the transplant coordinator –Special prize. Gennady Knyshov “fidelity to humanistic ideas and the enhancement of universal values.”

Alexander ZLOTNIK – Ukrainian composer, people’s artist of Ukraine, rector of Kyiv Institute of music named Rheingold Glier – Special prize of the newspaper “KP in Ukraine” “the Idol of Ukrainians.”

“Institute of plant protection” – Special prize “For contribution to the development of modern Ukrainian science.” Founder Vitaly ILCHENKO.

The system of smart home “CLAP” – Special prize “For the development of environmental and energy-efficient residential technologies.” The founder is a Ukrainian businessman Alexander POYMANOV.

Max Polyakov – entrepreneur, public figure, scientist and founder of innovative companies EOSDA and FireflyAerospace – Special prize “For contribution to the revival of the rocket and space industry in Ukraine”.

Fortunato GUADALUPI TOP Manager at international level, one of the most successful Italian businessmen, who almost 25 years of experience in the dairy industry of Ukraine – the Special prize “For the introduction of creative business projects and the most modern technologies in Ukraine”.

Natalia HORBAL – known lawyer, an expert in family law, writer – Special award “For significant creative contribution to the preservation and development of the institution of the family.”

Yuri PELYKH – the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “UKRBUD” – the Honorary badge “For a weighty contribution into development of construction branch of Ukraine”.

Photo: Michael Short, Andriy Gudzenko, Sergey Gritsenko.

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