Avdeevka residents hate the Ukrainian government, the Garden of the war in the Donbas

Ukraine should become independent, first of all, in the economy to win the war with the Russian Federation. We need to expand trade turnover with the EU, as well as to increase production in the home country.

This was a live channel 24 said the mayor of the city and the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovy.

“We have large gas deposits of its own, but over the past five years we have not increased its production, and continue to buy Russian gas at the same aggressor country, but through Europe. If we want to be an independent country, we should be energy independent”

According to him, if the country is economically stronger, quite another to talk with Putin and other presidents of the world, because it will be respected.

And how can there be respect for a poor country, where the elite is robbing its own people?,
– said the candidate.

Changes can be felt immediately, if you stop thieving schemes in each direction. We have a lot of potential, but because of political corruption, he pinned.

If you go in under control territory and to communicate with the residents of the Town, they hate the Ukrainian government. Because I don’t feel the changes in recent years, and I wish they were our lobbyists,
– added the politician.

Andriy Sadovyi is the presidency: watch the video

On 8 January the Central election Commission registered the leader of the “Unification “Samopomich” and the mayor Andrey Sadovy candidate in presidents of Ukraine on elections of March 31, 2019.


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