Autumn conscription-2017: 8 facts you need to know

Autumn conscription-2017 will start in Ukraine on Thursday, 5 October. Someone will call, for how long and whom this appeal does not apply – visit the website “24”.
Autumn conscription in Ukraine to 2017: date
The call for military service in Ukraine will last from October 5 to November 28, 2017.
Who will come to the agenda?
Men of military age (20-27 years) who are not eligible for a deferment, without a criminal record, and health problems.
How much will serve as conscripts?
Service life is 18 months. For Ukrainians with higher education or equivalent (technician) – up to 12 months.
The beginning of military service by conscription is the date of sending military personnel in a military unit of the district (city) military Commissariat. The end of life is the day for the elimination of military personnel from personnel lists of a military unit.
How many Ukrainians will call?
10 460 of Ukrainian citizens subject to conscription for military service in October-November this year.
Most conscripts to serve in Dnipropetrovsk (980) and Kharkiv (700) regions. Least of all in Donetsk (230), Lugansk (170) and Transcarpathian (155).
Which will serve as conscripts?
Of the total number of recruits 6.36 thousand people will be sent to the Armed forces of Ukraine, 3,5 thousand – in the National guard and 600 people in the State special transport service. In the area of anti-terrorist operation of conscripts will NOT send.
Will there be monetary compensation?
Recruits receive a one-time cash assistance from the state in the amount of 3200 UAH + UAH 93 on the preparation and conduct of the appeal (excluding the costs of meals and transport). And then every month conscripts will receive 150-250 UAH. To hold a call are allocated from the budget of 34.4 million.
Who calls?
There are a number of grounds for deferment:

Family circumstances – guardianship of incapacitated relatives; wife is disabled; pregnant wife; children with disabilities; two or more children; children aged up to 3 years; self-nurturing of the child; orphanhood; brother for military service at this time.
Health status – if officer has recognized temporarily unfit for military service, the duration of the delay is 1 year.
Training – internship, post-graduate and doctoral studies. Also have the right to defer under the age of 21 years receiving education in full form.
Professional activities – the clergy; the candidates (doctors) of Sciences, who work in positions with a degree, teaching staff of secondary schools through higher education; health care workers, with the full load position, in the countryside; rural, settlement, city mayor for a period of performance of these powers; the police – for the entire period of their service.
Not be called suspects in criminal cases.

What is the penalty for draft evasion?
If the recruit was not at a specified time and place or not reported to the police station about the change of domicile, the law provides for administrative and criminal liability.
The punishment for draft evasion:

Failure to appear at the military enlistment office without a good reason – a fine of UAH 85-119
Repeated violation during the year increases the penalty 170-255 UAH
Draft evasion is punished by restriction of liberty for a term up to three years of probation.

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