Automotive gas is going up rapidly – more than 12 UAH per liter

The average retail price of liquefied natural gas in Ukraine rose for the day by 18 kopecks./l to 12.22 UAH/liter, according to data of price monitoring of retail market “Consulting group A-95”.

OKKO and WOG autogas rose by 20 kopecks., to 12.59–of 12.60 UAH/liter. network of “Private” (“Ukrnafta”, “avias”, ANP, etc., only 505 stations with gas modules) price rose by an average of 28-38 liter, to 12.15 UAH/liter.

Prices also rose in AMIC “BRSM-Nafta”, Glusco, “avtotrans”, KLO, “Parallel”, “Hope” Chipo “Kind-Nick”, SUN OIL and Mango on 7-30 kopecks./l.

Recall that wholesale prices of LPG started to rise from February 18. During this period, they increased by UAH 4580/t or 22.7%. The retail price of LPG since the end of February increased by a 1.75 liter or 14.5%.

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