Autoantigen-2017: innovations and improvements

New examination tests for future drivers in Ukraine became a reality on 1 July. They do not contain errors and inaccuracies, at least, so say in the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs.
How has the examination the examination on knowledge of traffic rules and how they will improve the lives of future drivers and the situation with traffic in the country – found out by journalists of “24”.
The updates of the theoretical part of the exam, the interior Ministry said the most important step in the implementation of the new standards examinations for obtaining driver’s licenses. Note: now the man will not face such problems as a mismatch vpros category, the low quality of images on illustrative material for the questions will not make mistakes when there are two correct answers, complex or confusing wording. And since the exam will be easier (of course, if you have faithfully studied the theory and have accumulated practical skills), wanting to “play it safe” and “not to mess” will be less, and therefore those who bought the “fat law” will be smaller, and order and discipline on the road – more.
The main changes
According to the head of GSC Vladislav Cricle in the new tests, the questions have highlighted, correct them in accordance with the current situation on the roads, more attention was paid to practical skills that will be useful to prospective drivers during the operation of the vehicle. It is important that the test questions are now grouped depending on the category, claimed by future driver. Therefore, the person who passes the exam for the right to drive a motorcycle, for example, do not have to answer the question about the nuances of control truck or bus.
Another important novelty is now a candidate for the drivers can’t just memorize the correct answers to the questions of the ticket, because 20 exam questions will be selected by system randomly. In addition, if the student give a wrong answer to the principal question, the system will pick up the next question from the same category.
Tests on knowledge of traffic rules has changed
Something invariably
Exam questions will be 20, as before, and time on the answers given in the same way as before – 20 minutes.
Remains unchanged and the number of allowable errors incorrect answers – 2. If more – the exam will have to retake it no sooner than 5 days. Moreover, the number of attempts to retake the theory is limited. But if you do not pass the practical part with three attempts, you will be directed to re-training in a driving school.
The test will contain 20 questions
Corruption will be overcome and then
According to the coordinator of the government-the public initiative “Together against corruption” Oksana Velichko, still “solve” the issue of getting a driver’s license with the help of a third party cost from 2500 hryvnia, if a person learns in driving school and from 5000 UAH – if not learning.
According to the observations of activists and fighters, the “Bermuda triangle” of bribery in the exam for a driver’s license actually enables the future driver, instructor and employee service center. Therefore, in order to eliminate the human factor, by the end of the current year the interior Ministry plans to introduce video and photographic images of the process of taking the theoretical exam the exam for a driver’s license and video recording of the preparation of the practical part of the exam (hardware examination of the car DVRs that will allow the student to appeal the results of the examination, if it deems that it has passed, and the instructor just wanted to “additional payment”).
To retake the exam no sooner than 5 days after a failed attempt
In the Main service centre of the Ministry of interior informed: July 1, citizens can openly view the tests and to test your knowledge on the website’s Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs in online mode.
And after completion of training school for training and retraining of drivers, you can safely go to take the exam in the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs. As of June 2017 the cost of passing theoretical and practical exams is 26 USD, and the form of drivers license 201 hryvnia. The interior Ministry stressed: there is no need to contact outsiders that you can mislead or deceive in obtaining this service.

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