The government of Lebanon voted to default on Eurobonds

illustrative Photo: © This is the first default in the history of Lebanon. The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab announced that the country is unable to repay the debts on Eurobonds. According to the schedule, the payment was scheduled for March 9, but the government voted unanimously to default. Thepage writes about this, […]

The income of “Gazprom” fell sharply earlier in the year

In January, the Russian gas company has exported only three billion dollars. In the first month of 2020, the income of “Gazprom” on export of gas fell by 41.1% to three billion dollars, reports TASS with reference to data of the Federal customs service of Russia. Physical exports for the same time decreased less – […]

TNA Carol stnaley, Chim pogertvovala through coronavirus, fenati in rospach

TNA Carol, today, 11:00 Vdoma Ukrainian space, coach show “Golos Krainy” TNA Carol oborny radovati fantv a new snimkami in Instagram. Znamenitosti pohvalila nespak speculum way pazouki on the chorno-blame Qadr in obsahujuci mini-sucn s deep neckline, gralevo dangling straps I bared Plec. So, the actress agrosila stanovleniem not niprint novena, after using the […]

Care threatening Mustache before BOM – noblejas viyna

Derek Chara, Getty Images today, 10:59 Cabsolute champion of the world from waiki was Oleksandr Usyk (17-0, 13 KO’s) held nastupni Biy against Derek Care (32-9, 23 KO’s). Biy Mustache – Care budesa 23 Travnya on aren O2 in London. Oftiny poster fight the Tendril – Care, Derek Cara prokomentiroval maibutne Podenok, pakesley scho […]

Pid Kisam have snicla yuna of Krasna s zahvalim a look – osoblivi Primate the photo

Photo National pols today, 10:55 On Civwin be called a few more days rossocuoco nepovnolitni ducio, Yak Villa s home that is not powernoise. About TSE powders “Kyiv Operativni”. On Civwin have selis Trubavina, Yagotinskoe area rossocuoco nepovnolitni Kasyanov Dar’k Yu. Known that scho 15-RCNA divchina 11 March of about 18:00 Wisla s home that […]

How to burn fat naturally?

Photo: To lose weight, one must burn more calories than it consumes. However, some natural fat burners can help your body to burn more fat, increasing metabolism or reducing hunger. In addition, it is necessary to increase the level of physical activity. However, adding some products and ingredients in the diet will significantly accelerate […]

Гибель 8-летней девочки в парке: есть первый подозреваемый

В запорожском парке отдыха “Дубовая роща” на 8-летнюю Анну Ждан упала двухметровая деревянная скульптура. На следующий день ребенок умер в больнице. Фото: В деле о гибели 8-летней Анны Ждан в запорожском парке отдыха “Дубовая роща” является первый подозреваемый. Это – заместитель директора по техническим вопросам, сообщили в пресс-службе областной прокуратуры. ЧИТАЙТЕ ТАКЖЕ: Горы цветов […]

The goalkeeper of “Dynamo” came in “Karpaty”

Vladimir makhanek left “Dinamo” in the status of a free agent. Photo: Alexander Popov Karpaty Lviv have announced the signing of goalkeeper Vladimir Makhankov. Makhanek career spent in structure “Dynamo”, where he played for teams u-19 and u-21. Got into the first team, but not played in the Premier League any match. In March 2020 […]