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Putin “Valdai” compared himself with the oligarch from a joke

Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the club “Valdai”, commented on the participation of Ksenia Sobchak in the upcoming elections, but still said nothing about his own plans. “Everything is possible!” stated GDP, responding to the question of whether the next President of the Russian Federation to become a woman. And comparing yourself to the […]

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In Kyrgyzstan, scientists and authorities can’t share the mummy

Leading historians and archaeologists of Kyrgyzstan insist that the newly buried mummy from the State historical Museum exhumed in a matter of urgency for making the earth a Museum exhibit is contrary to all canons of science. Photo: kloop.kg On 12 October the Ministry of culture of Kyrgyzstan was a question about the burial of […]

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12-year-old boy died a horrible death in Khmelnytskyi region

In Khmelnytsky oblast man lost control with a homemade tractor, killing his 12-year-old son. About it reported in sector of communications of the police in Khmelnytskyi region. According to police, the tragedy occurred on the field behind the village Hulivtsi Belogorsk district. “34-the summer inhabitant of the village of Trenches, managing your own homemade tractor […]

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“No one died”: life in the Chernobyl exclusion zone when you long for the 70

In the Chernobyl zone is home to 140 squatters. Basically, it is the residents who have returned to their homes after the evacuation in 1986 after the explosion at Chernobyl. Survival in the exclusion zone hardly be called simple stores, hospitals or the pipeline is not there. And brought bread, sometimes you have to wait […]

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News release at 22:00: Protesters appealed to the President. The change of electoral rules

In a news release for October 19, as at 22:00 – the organizers of the rallies for greater political reform gave the President the appeal with the requirement to establish anti-corruption court. The deputies began the withdrawal of the inviolability of its own, and also considered the change in the electoral rules. Also in the […]

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The Voice Of America. The U.S. President is accusing the FSB in the publication of compromising dossier on him

In the latest edition of “Voice of America” – US President Donald trump suspects that money on the Assembly file containing the compromising facts about him, gave Russia, the Democratic party and the FBI. Also in the issue: The international community has supported the reform of the health system in Ukraine. +Video

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17 moments of protest: Leshchenko told about the next actions of protesters in Kiev

Protesters in Kiev demand that the government fulfill the promises with which parliamentarians went to the polls. About the future of the protests – We have become hostages of a certain time gap. Tomorrow will be the hour of questions to the government. In the shameful tradition that the current speaker does not want to […]

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Breaking news 19 Oct: the details of the tragedy in Kharkiv, healthcare reform, and the protests in Kiev

The police released a full list of those killed and injured in the terrible accident in Odessa. Also there is a video terrible accident. The Parliament voted for medical reform in Ukraine. In the Kiev protests. These were the top stories on October 19. The tragedy in Kharkiv In the evening, 18 October, 20-year-old Alena […]

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The coach of Belarus commented on the statement of the sportswoman Tatyana gutsu rape

Honored coach of Belarus Viktor Dojlido he said the Ukrainian Olympic champion Tatiana gutsu that her 27 years ago in the German city of Stuttgart raped gymnast Vitaly Scherba. He told about it in interview “Radio Freedom”. Dolinov said that the first time I hear that Vitaly could have raped Tatiana gutsu. “On suburban base […]

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Final news release 21:00 healthcare reform in action. Parliamentary immunity

In the final news release for October 19, as at 21:00 – health system will now Finance new and the state will not pay for the beds and for services rendered. Thursday, October 19, deputies began a procedure of removing their own immunity, and also considered the change in the electoral rules. Also in the […]

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