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“Black cat” not moved “Nail” the road (VIDEO)

Saturday. Lincoln. Alexander GVOZDIK winner is Craig BAKER. Photo: boxnews.com.ua Bronze medallist of Olympic games-2016 and the North American champion in the light heavyweight division at the NABF Pro version invincible Kharkov Alexander Gvozdik (14-0-0 12 KO) in the ring Pinacle Bank Arena in Lincoln (Nebraska, USA) defended his title in a fight against # […]

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Not Dallku, so Chizhov. Round 6 (VIDEO)

Photo: vorskla.com.ua SHAKHTAR DONETSK – MARIUPOL – 1:0 (0:0) Goal: CHYZHOV (Baby corner), 83. “Vorskla” (Poltava): Tkachenko – 6.0 Mm. Matvienko – 6.0 mm. CHIZHOV is 6.5. Dallku – 6.0 mm. Perduta – 6.0 mm. Chesnakov – 6.0 mm. Sklar – 5,5 (D. Kravchenko, 74 – 6,0) Child – 6,0. Kadymyan Is 5.5 (Kulach, 60). […]

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Gromov came the “Star” quietly crossed himself. Round 6 (VIDEO)

Photo: fczirka.com.ua ZVEZDA – ZARYA – 2:1 (2:1) Goals: GROMOV (Sukhotsky), 19 – 0:1. EL HAMDAOUI, 21 – 1:1. PRADON, 30, own goal, 30 (2:1). “Star” (Kropiwnicki): Paste – 5,5. Polehenko to 5.0. Kacharaba – 5,0. Pepe – 5,0. Kovalev – 5,0. Cupa – 5,5, Zagalsky – 5,5 (Gedge, 70 And 4.5). Drachenko – 6.0 […]

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Wet, but not soaked. Round 6 (VIDEO)

Sunday. Lions. Stadium “Ukraine”. “Karpaty” – “Alexandria” – 0:0. In the attack Artem FEDETSKIY. Photo of Eugene KRAUSE CARPATHIANS – ALEXANDRIA – 0:0 Karpaty (Lviv): Pidkivka – 6.0 Mm. Cortegiano – 6.0 mm. Lobi – 6.0 mm. Fedetskyy Is 5.5 (Miroshnichenko, 71 And 5.5). Lebedenko – 6.0 mm. Di Franco Is 5.5. TISSONE – 6.0 […]

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The head is tied, the blood on the sleeve. Round 6 (VIDEO)

Sunday. Kiev. “Dinamo” – “Steel” – 4:1. 8th minute. Transit through the locker room Josip Vida sent an ambulance. Photo of FC “Dynamo” FC Dynamo Kyiv defeated the team from Comenius, but seems to have lost the Josip of Pilarica DYNAMO – STEEL – 4:1 (3:0) Goals: BESEDIN (Kravets), 2 – 1:0. KRAVETS (Shepelev), 26 […]

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Nizhny Tagil UFO again found in Antarctica UFO

Ham radio and UFO researcher Valentin Degterev from Nizhny Tagil noticed on one of the satellite images of Antraktida the mysterious object. According to degtereva, discovered on the hillside a diamond-shaped object is a giant space ship of aliens. The aliens landed a UFO hundreds or even thousands of years ago, suggests a self-proclaimed expert […]

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Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis died at the age of 91 years

Photo: AmericaRU.com In Las Vegas on 92-m to year of life died an American actor and comedian Jerry Lewis (Jerry Lewis). On the death of comediant announced the members of his family. According to them, Lewis died of natural causes. The comedian gained fame thanks to the duet with Dean Martin. It is famous for […]

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Smokers quit Smoking when cigarettes cost $ 1

Photo: AmericaRU.com A new study found that if the price of cigarettes more than a dollar, older smokers to 20 percent of cases refuse from harmful habits. Professionals of Drexel University analyzed data on tobacco prices for 10 years to determine how it affected smokers. “If the price increases for older smokers who smoke for […]

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A man with a drone flown almost 6 pounds of methamphetamine across the border with Mexico

Photo: AmericaRU.com Law enforcement officials have charged a 25-year-old U.S. citizen in the use of unmanned aircraft systems with the aim of smuggling nearly 6 kg of methamphetamine from Mexico. Jorge Edwin Rivera (Edwin Rivera Jorge) told the police that since March he used a drone to smuggle drugs five or six times. As a […]

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Police have confirmed the death of 7-year-old boy in an attack in Barcelona

Photo: AmericaRU.com 7-year-old Julian Cadman (Julian Cadman) with dual citizenship of Britain and Australia, which was considered missing, was killed during the terrorist attack on the Rambla in Barcelona. This is reported by Spanish media, citing law enforcement officials. Cadman, who flew to Barcelona with her mother to the wedding of relatives, was in Las […]

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