Attacks on activists, Tomos, and war: the remember Ukrainians 2018

That just was not there this year: the uprising “amahara”, a series of attacks on activists, and at the end of the year, the proclamation of a local Church. Ukrainians told, what public events they remembered in 2018.

“The military situation. It turned my idea of security guarantees that gives me a state as a citizen. About the future of my children and grandchildren”, – said the Ukrainian citizen.

“I liked the autocephaly, but did not like the fact that I even now don’t know what choice to make on presidential elections”, – said the resident of the capital.

Our Church will be independent from Russia – it’s very good
– said the Respondent.

The establishment of a national Church, and war is the events of the end of 2018, which will be included in recent history. And – rallies and protests. Starring “euroshare” with their cars on foreign registration. They blocked the government quarter and the borders, staged protests in more than fifty cities. And partially succeeded – now “badges” can be customs clearance, however, is not as cheap as they wanted.

Year of blood spilled. More than fifty attacks on activists recorded in the year 2018. Among them – the attempt on Catherine Gandzyuk, which was doused with acid. An activist from Kherson fought for life for three months. The girls did not in November. In the cities protested immediately after the attack. However the shares were not too massive. People managed to have the Parliament set up a Temporary Committee to investigate attacks on activists.

The attack of acid on Catherine Gandzyuk and the subsequent death of the activist: everything you should know

A lot of attacks on activists was committed, in particular, in Odessa:

Society is now, I would say, in this depressive-passive state. It is a lot of it unhappy, but it does not see how their efforts can make a change. Now 29% of Ukrainians consider the possible occurrence of protest
– the Director of Fund “Democratic initiatives behalf of Ilka Kucheriva” Irina Bekeshkina.

That’s where there is no shifts, it is in the exchange of prisoners of war. This year not a single Ukrainian had not returned from the castle dungeons. Prisoners only increased – 24 Ukrainian sailor was in a Russian prison. And that’s what mobilized a part of society. People began to write letters to prisoners, and they replied that they hope to release.

It is a hope that as the global mood now reigns in society is confirmed by opinion polls. Ukrainians hope for the best despite a protracted war and non-European living standards.


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