Attack “titushek” and priest of the UOC of the congregation in Vinnitsa: the sports Minister has threatened athletes

In the village of Pisarevka, in the Vinnytsia region, the local priest of the UOC-MP has brought about 60 “aunts”. They staged a fight during a meeting of parishioners, which was a question about the transition of the local parish of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

As a result, several blows got village head Dmytro Naumenko and police inspector. The place of the conflict has caused additional outfit, reports the Censor.NO.

Video of clashes between members and “aunts” in the Vinnytsia region

Were people fighting athletes is still unknown. However, the Minister of youth and sport Igor Zhdanov warned that if they known the facts of participation of athletes in such events – they will be punished.

“Strongly warned sports federations, athletes, coaches, functionaries: it is absolutely unacceptable the use of athletes for preventing the free political, or religious the will of the citizens of Ukraine. Such bullying is not only breaking the law, but also grossly contradict Olympic values. His categorical assessment such actions will give the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine. If it turns out that such violent actions involved in the athletes of national teams of Ukraine, my reaction, as the relevant Minister, will be as hard,” – said Igor Zhdanov.


What is the process of transfer of parishes into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Now the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has about 7 thousand parishes. The Internet has created an online map that shows the communities that came under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate.

How did the Orthodox Church of Ukraine? 9 October in Istanbul began a three-day meeting of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. On October 10 the meeting of the clergy heard the report of the envoys of Patriarch Bartholomew (exarchs), who almost spent a month in Ukraine. Is based on the results of their report, Ukraine and granted permission for the creation of a Single local Church.

December 15, during the Unifying Council of Orthodox bishops announced the unification of the Ukrainian churches in a local independent Church. Its official name sounds like – the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The head of the DNC became the Metropolitan of Pereiaslav and Belotserkovsky Epiphanius. But the Cathedral ptsu became St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev.

After the establishment of the PCU under its jurisdiction began to move parishes of the churches of the UOC-MP. Ukraine also approved a law according to which, within 3 months of the UOC-MP should be renamed to the Russian Orthodox Church.

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