At the end of the week will strike a frost


In Ukraine it’s cold. Runs until April 21. Coldest is in the Western, Northern and Eastern regions. 18-20 APR hit freezing. The soil – to -5S°, in air 2S°.

The whole week will be cold, – the weather forecaster says 45-year-old Natalia Golenya from Reuters. – Regions will cover the rains. After them the expected night frost. In the West and in the Carpathians forecasted wet snow and gusty winds.

After April 20 across the country will come warming.

Every day the temperature will rise by 4-5 degrees and will reach 19 degrees, says national weather forecaster 79-year-old Leonid Gorban. – However, a great heat in April will not. A maximum of 22 degrees Celsius in Central Ukraine. Palm Sunday will be windy. The highest winds will be in southern and Eastern regions.

Easter will be warm and without rain. On 29-30 April for the entire territory of Ukraine will pass rains. May 7-8 will hit another freeze – 2-5 degrees of frost in the ground. Possible and may 15.

– If the soil is moist and the weather is cloudy, the temperature changes with the frost does not threaten the gardens. Worse, when dry, windless weather and more 5 degrees of a frost at night. The color will fall off and there will be no harvest, says the breeder of the 70-year-old Nicholas logjam from Kryzhopol village in Vinnytsia region. – If the freeze is passed, I suggest in the evening to water the ground around the tree. If there is a straw, then spread out to suit the barrel casing. No smoke screens ineffective. The smoke blew away and all.

Effective way of getting rid of frost is to spray the tree in an alkaline solution.

In 10 liters of water dissolve 50 grams of ashes. Such a solution does not allow the frost to tie down the branches, and color. If not flourished, there is little harm, explains the breeder. – Forecasted rain after Easter will give the growth of vegetables. But the effect will be. All day rain must fall to the ground wet at 15-20 cm.


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