At CES 2019 presented smart glasses that can be managed by using the ring

North during CES 2019 smart glasses Focals. Novelty is equipped with a personal display. But you can manage with a ring.

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Glasses come with a display that can only be viewed by the user. There you can view the messages that are received by the owner. Gadget also supports Voice to text.

Using the device you can look for interesting things in the Internet, order Uber, and the like. It also allows you to check the time and date, add a reminder in the calendar to view the weather.

Control Focals, you can use Loop, joystick with 4 directions of movement. It can be worn on your finger and control the raising of hands.

Though the price of the device is not small – $ 1,000 (28 thousand hryvnias).

Smart glasses Focals

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