At “Bukovel” everyone can try their hand at the site of the downhill

An explosion of emotions, unforgettable impressions and sheer adrenaline.

In the tourist complex “Bukovel” near the route 12 D everyone can test themselves on the site of the downhill at Borjomi SpeedCheck.

“This activity, which allows you to compete in speed, check who is faster: skiers or snowboarders. And also to go outside and engage in active sports, enjoy winter, enjoy the weather,” – said the head of the Department of communication of the company IDS Group Marina Solovyov.

300-meter track is available to all guests, regardless of age and experience riding.

“I always wondered at what speed I drive. And it was impossible to verify. Any there application, and no Internet, as a rule. I just pressed the button and the photos will be cool, and said, what was the speed! Stunned,” said the actress comic Studio Anna Gritsak.

The lower part of the snowpark. He acts near the 8th lift and especially appeal to fans of various jumps and ramps.

“For the first time in the history of the resort, snowpark, Funpark open to all comers. It does not need any special ski or a special ski-pass. On the territory of Borjomi Bukovel Fun Park operates a shared ski pass, valid throughout the resort, as well as skis and boards in which you ride. It can be any model,” – said the representative of TC “Bukovel” Oksana Ostrovskaya.

The snowpark is designed so that both beginners to the experienced boarders feel comfortable. There are both adults and children. Emotions aren’t biting.

“I first here at “Bukovel”, and for the first time in the snowpark. That is, for me, this is amazing. I’m glad I got here”, – said Yaroslav camper.

“Class, I expect tomorrow, I have to deal with the coach. And I think I have tomorrow will be thousands of emotions and right “wow”. And today I’m afraid,” – said Alexander resting.

SpeedCheck and Snowpark is completely free and will run throughout the season.


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