Astronomers have discovered traces of the collision of our Universe with a parallel world

An international group of scientists who have studied available data on the so-called relic of the cold spot in the constellation Eridanus, came to the conclusion that it could occur as a result of collision of two universes. Such a theory implies the existence of parallel worlds concept, perceived by the majority of scientists with considerable skepticism, but some still accept the possible.

photo: pixabay.com

Relic cold spot, also known Sorgulama of Eridan, known unusually low microwave radiation and large size ( 1.8 billion light-years away in cross section). While it is somewhat colder than the average temperature of the background radiation ubiquitous in the Universe throughout its existence. Analyzing data about a variety of galaxies located in this region, experts have suggested that the most popular explanation of this phenomenon can be misleading, and hence, the right can be fantastic, at first glance, the theory that the blur was the result of a collision between two universe bubbles .

A study published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

The idea of the existence of the multiverse implies that reality is not confined within our Universe resulting from the big Bang, and beyond there may be other worlds, inaccessible to observation. Among scientists, in varying degrees, allowing this theory can be called Briton Martin Rees, who believes that the Big Bang represents just one of many similar events happening in the Multiverse, and some of the resulting parallel worlds can be very similar to the familiar to us.

A much more famous scientist, also does not exclude a multiplicity of universes, is Stephen Hawking in scientific work that a researcher last year published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, argues that parallel worlds can lead black holes. However, it is worth noting that Stephen Hawking is known, in particular, and as a supporter of a number of theories, which most of the scientific community is in disbelief.

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