Astronauts celebrate Christmas on the ISS


As millions of people on Earth celebrate Christmas with their families and friends, exchanging gifts and enjoying festive meals, the astronauts on the International space station (ISS) will do almost the same thing, only hovering in zero gravity at a distance of 400 kilometers from Earth.

Three NASA astronaut, currently on Board the ISS (Joe Aqaba (Joe Acaba), mark Vande HEI (Mark Vande Hei) and Scott tingle (Scott Tingle), will get the day off this Christmas, said a NASA spokesman Dan Hot (Dan Huot. Instead of doing research or working on science experiments, they will spend the day relaxing, talking with their families and opening gifts.

Santa Claus may be hard for you to deliver gifts to the ISS – his reindeer will have to fly at a speed of 28 000 km/h without oxygen – but still gifts for the crew will be waiting in the morning under the tree. Some gifts went with the latest crew of three, who arrived on the ISS on 19 December. Cargo spacecraft “Cygnus”, which arrived in November also brought some gifts from the families of the astronauts.

“We have packs and gifts of our families and friends, as well as packages aboard the ISS, which should be open on December 25 for crew members from United States and 31 December to us from Russia”, – told reporters on 16 December, Russian cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov (Anton Shkaplerov) before heading to the ISS.

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