Assumption 2017: beautiful greetings, poems and postcards

The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary


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August 28, the Orthodox Church celebrates the day dedicated to the remembrance of the death (Dormition) of the Mother of God.

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According to Church legend, on this day the apostles preached in different countries, miraculously gathered in Jerusalem to bid farewell and to make the burial of the virgin Mary. On this important day, the feast of the Dormition of the virgin, do not forget to congratulate you on the Assumption of their loved ones.

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On the day of the virgin of the assumption

We wish You blessings,

As well as joy, luck

And festive mood.

To the virgin Mary in

From all the failures to protect them.

Heaven graciously always would have looked.

And that ill never give .

I you with holiday great

A bright congratulations.

The Day Of The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

I wish you all peace.

Let the hearts of living love,

Joy and patience.

So appreciate every hour

Every moment.

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Holy mother of God we honor,

Her assumption today remember

To carry out its apostles saints

Gathered to do her honour the earth.

All the people we wish peace, happiness,

Let the party leave bad weather,

In the soul of peace and warmth,

Good health always!

Of The Blessed Virgin Mary The Assumption,

We are celebrating August day,

Her son gave us Salvation,

In her honor the prayers we sing

Soared her soul to God,

With the Son there, left forever,

She’s suffering, gives help,

Never forget, man!

On this day, I wish you all happiness,

Let be happy all days,

A party may bypass the bad weather,

All health, good luck, love!

Feast today the Church,

The twelve spiritual:

The virgin Mary rested,

In heaven the soul soar.

Let it looks from above,

And guards from harm,

Past takes scourge

And sends us happiness.

Dormition Of The Theotokos

The Church celebrates.

On this day, I love you

And wish good.

The virgin Mary let

From a disaster will close down.

Belief in the bright, welcome

Let your peace of mind.

Ask and Mary

For family health.

Bright is her face put

You at the bedside.

Chime bottled

It is a holiday already starts

Virgin spirit descends,

And the soul of the people cleared!

Let them leave soul doubt

Disagreements and unrest,

On his lips the prayer will remain,

And humility everyone will get.

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