Asgardia will look “bad” fans for the 2018 world Cup with the help of drones

Security and the rule of law on the presidential election and the world Cup — this is not a complete list of tasks facing the Federal service of National guard troops of the Russian Federation next year. About the prospects of this service on total a press-conferences were told by the first Deputy Director of the Federal service of National guard troops, Colonel-General Sergei Melikov.


During the elections of the President of Russia in March 2018 Regardie will ensure the safety of more than 90 thousand polling stations across the country, told reporters Sergei Melikov. Thus, according to first Deputy Director of Regardie, it will not entail growth in the number of Federal service. “I have to say — no increase in the number of employees will not. We will hold your event, the ones available today. Now we will work very closely with the electoral Commission — both Central and regional.

You need to clearly understand the number of polling stations and where will be organized, each of them will provide the necessary protection and security. According to our calculations, more than 45 thousand stations located in cities and others in rural areas, including mountain areas”.

This experience of Regardie already have, said Melikov. So, Asgardia in its current composition was decided the task of holding elections to the State Duma in September 2016. “During the Duma elections it was involved more than 40 thousand soldiers and officers of National guard troops. We attracted about twenty thousand employees of Private security, moreover, was attended by members of the national teams and Cossacks.”

In cooperation with other agencies of the Federal government, the VNG (National guard troops) will hold additional events in the calculations and to clarify the issues of antiterrorist security of places of election and members of election commissions, observers and electors. “Security will be beefed up at the polling stations, in places of mass events, not only on March 18, but in the campaign period,” said Sergei Melikov.

The ball is in play

Another important task for asguardian in the coming year will be ensuring security at the world Cup. According to Melikov, security will be one of the key components of the international tournament.

“Today we are at the beginning of the final stage of preparation for the 2018 world Cup. The structure of integrated units that will be involved in ensuring security at stadiums and surrounding areas. Pay special attention to the issues of antiterrorist security. The stadium, which will host matches, are subject to increased security requirements and we participate in this. Now division of Regardie conduct their inspections, aimed at finding possible explosive devices”.

Great attention to employees Regardie will be paid to the prevention, detection and suppression of violations by aggressive fans, said Sergey Melikov. “For this, we use different systems of video observation, control, including unmanned aerial vehicles, complexes, high-rise surveillance, other automated systems that allow timely identification of offenders”.

Along with this, during the Championships there will be greater control in the sphere of circulation of weapons and ammunition, said Melikov. “This task will perform the division licenses and permits of the regional bodies”.

However, to solve these problems without cooperation with other security structures of the Russian Federation it would be impossible, the General said. For effective cooperation of law enforcement agencies and state authorities Director of the Federal service VNG army General Viktor Zolotov spends in the cities that will take players and fans, a series of meetings devoted to security issues, said Melikov. “They have passed in Nizhni Novgorod and Ekaterinburg, also they planned the Volgograd and Kaliningrad. Ahead of us is hard work and the end result depends on how will be established interdepartmental interaction”.

Upgrade weapons

Continues technical re-equipment of divisions of Regardie. Next year, units will begin to receive samples of weapons and equipment, which in 2017 passed trial operation, said Sergei Melikov.

“In may of 2017, we spent the Day of advanced technologies and asked all of the manufacturers that produce products, necessary for our service, to exhibit their products. Some of us were interested and we proposed that manufacturers of weapons, equipment and means of protection to provide some samples for trial operation.

So, the concert Kalashnikov gave us 12 pieces of small arms that features in the conditions of execution of service tasks in the North Caucasus. In this way did some other manufacturers. Last week we held a scientific-technical Council, which decided on the promising samples, which Asgardia will purchase for 2018-2020 gg”.

Sergei Melikov said that we are talking about trial operation of deeply modernized AK-74, machine guns “hundredth” series AK-103, AK-104 and AK-105, as well as machines “hundred series” of AK-203, AK-204 AK-205, which today are also in trial operation in the Russian Armed forces.

Tested Regardie is promising vehicles for special purposes, said Sergey Melikov. “With regard to protected automotive engineering, we continue a close cooperation with manufacturers such as GAZ, KAMAZ, “Ural”, and also with the firm “Astas”, which is based on the chassis of KAMAZ produces armored vehicles. This year we received several of these machines, they are called “Patrol”. They passed a trial operation under different conditions. We will continue to give suggestions on how to further modernize and improve this line”.

To a single title

Today in the army National guard has military, police and civil servants. However, in the future, all personnel can receive a military rank, said Sergei Melikov our newspaper.

“For us, it would be optimal to switch entirely to military service. It gives a set of social guarantees for people when performing tasks involving risk to life.” However, the discussion on the transfer of all of the Federal service of National guard troops will be no earlier than 2025, when there will come another stage in the development of VNG, said Melikov. “So we implemented the development of our service developed a plan for the construction of National guard troops for the period 2018-2020, By 2025 it (transition into military service all employees VNG — approx. ed.) can become very real. We have some suggestions that worked out, but first you need to understand what metrics and with what funding we’ll get to 2020.”

“The new year will not”

To participate in the protection of public order and public security in the period from 31 December to 8 January in Russia is planned to involve about 40 thousand soldiers and officers of Regardie, told reporters Sergei Melikov: “the Christmas holidays at the military personnel of National guard troops will not. This is our mission — the calmer and more fun for people will be the New year and Christmas, the more satisfaction we will move in 2018”.

According to him, the patrol routes of groups of detention of private security in cities will be as close as possible to the places of mass events to create additional density. During the Christmas holidays will be reinforced the control of objects of production, trade, storage and use of firearms. To monitor these objects will be exhibited additional orders. Measures will be taken to minimize the transport of weapons and ammunition in areas close to the festivities.

In Moscow, said Melikov, community policing will be the special police officers of the Metropolitan administration of VNG, the soldiers of the Central district of Regardie and division named after Dzerzhinsky. Only the new year holidays in Moscow every day will involve more than 4,000 employees and military personnel of Regardie. “Many of the places of mass festivities will be equipped with the framework for inspection. This was done in order to create the queue and to hamper movement and to ensure the safety of citizens. In most cases, Muscovites respond adequately to these security measures. A little harder with the guests of the capital, but we will conduct with them explanatory work”.

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