As Ukrainians get the subsidy in cash

In Ukraine there are 4 million subsidianes. The average size of grants during the heating period is 1.5 thousand UAH. Photo: That je Lviv

In Ukraine planned 2 stages of monetization of subsidies. Help paying utilities in cash will accrue not only to the Bank account of the consumer, but also to give cash. A decision on changes in the calculation of the subsidies may take until 23 January.

“From 1 January to 1 may be a test mode. Subsidiesto open a Bank account, which comes to a fixed amount of the subsidy. She is withdrawn, then comes the message that he still had so much to pay, or Vice versa, there was a savings. This applies to those who will apply for a grant after 1 January. They immediately served new statements and declarations. We translate them into cashless payments,” – said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva, reports RBC-Ukraine.

At the meeting on 11 January in the system for calculation of subsidies have changed.

“Made a political decision to those people for whom the grant is assigned from October, to translate into monetary calculations in the form of cash since March. Thus, in parallel, to function 2 mechanism of delivery of subsidies, cash,” – said Minister of social policy.

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According to him, in Ukraine there are 4 million subsidianes. The average size of grants during the heating period is 1.5 thousand UAH. That is 6 billion UAH per month will be issued in cash. This will affect the reduction in the consumption of gas and electricity.

“For 2.5 months at half the return can potentially lose 7.5 billion hryvnias. It’s not the money that will destroy the economy. At the same time, we have a mechanism for the suspension of subsidies to those who are not calculated for public. In addition, among subsidianes about 75% of retirees. They are the most honest taxpayers,” said Reva.

In Ukraine from 1 January subsidy will be issued in the form of money. In early 2019, the funds will be awarded to those who applied for subsidy for the first time. May 1 – people who enjoy the benefits years. In particular, make assistance and for the summer. The remaining households, the money will be paid from 1 October.

The corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted 27 Dec 2018. Assignment rules help in paying utility bills remain unchanged. At the same time, changes the algorithm of its payments.


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