As Ukraine turns to the parasite

Ukraine from the state turned into a gang and every revolution only exacerbates situatsiyami describes as Ukraine turns into a big gang. But looking closely, one can see that Ukraine is not converted, but “great” Western countries USA, Israel, UK just transformerait Ukraine in its likeness…


Not Bonaparte

Author Rostislav Ishchenko

Any crisis can be finished in different ways. The output can be an absolute collapse, entered into a crisis of structure. But circumstances can arise and that the struggle for survival and the search for ways out of the crisis, will not only overcome it, but even reinforce the structure that survived the crisis. The simplest and well-known example, the Soviet Union, which, despite losses amounting to nearly thirty million people, the destruction of the entire European part of the country, the huge strain of the economy and undermining the foundations of agriculture, emerged from the great Patriotic war more powerful and stable than entered into it.

To make the right decision is never too late, if the government, at least formally, exists. This thesis is also illustrated by an example from our history . But, unlike the great Patriotic war, living witnesses which the society is rather low and soon will not be quite, this event happened in the memory of today’s thirty-forties.

When 18 years ago, Vladimir Putin became President of Russia, the country was in deep crisis. Economic, financial, demographic indicators practically did not leave Russia of chances of survival. Want to quickly finish and share “partners”, had a disproportionately large military, political, diplomatic potential, and their international prestige was unshakable, at that time, as the Russian literally lying under their feet.

Today, Russia is close to that without her permission no gun in the world to say don’t dare. But ten years ago, in 2008, during the August five-day war, one short strike, Moscow has drastically changed the balance of power. Now all seems so simple, that the number of people willing to do “better than Putin” every year is growing exponentially, and social media is literally teeming with “locksmiths-intellectuals” born to govern a superpower. But really it was years of painstaking work, adoption and implementation repeatedly verified solutions with no margin for error.

Too early in the demonstration not only of intention, but even already existing capabilities, and Russia could kill, not waiting until she’s stronger and claim claim. Us victory in this, stretching for half a decade (until 2014), the game on the verge of defeat interested in is an illustration of the fact that there is no absolutely unsolvable problems, there are rulers who are not able (or not willing) to solve them.

Ukraine after 2004 and before 2014, reminded France of the period of the Thermidorian Convention and the Directory. Dorval to power, concerned only with their own enrichment and are ready for any betrayal of the elite, totally detached from the problems of the state and nation. People are willing at least five times a day to carry out coups, but time and again, leading to power all the worst rulers. Empty Treasury and a crumbling economy. Everything was almost identical, so how can be the same events and facts taking place in culturally and historically distant from other countries with an interval of two centuries.

France saved Bonaparte was not only a successful military leader and an ambitious person, but also a great politician. The organizers of the coup against the Directory met in full compliance with emerged two centuries later the Ukrainian tradition, to replace Yanukovych Poroshenko (five Directors, three consuls) and continue to plunder on, but themselves, negotiating together with external forces to whom to sell the squeezed like a lemon the country in exchange for the preservation of his own life and capital. What Bonaparte gave to the ordinary event of French politics of the late eighteenth century breakthrough. Rapidly moving to the surrender and restoration of the country he did great again.

Before the Ukrainian society had a more complex problem. Ukraine was not the “old regime” and restore her it was nothing. In the restored reality, did not exist in Ukraine. Accordingly, there was and its economic and political elite. This means that before the local oligarchs, the bureaucracy, the military and the secret services who chose to go into service of the newly created state, hoping for a quick job promotion and receiving new ranks, the task was to “win or die”.

Unlike people who lived to Ukraine, lived in the time of Ukraine, and (who survive) will live after Ukraine, for the political and economic elite of the existence of the Ukrainian state was the only guarantee of personal well-being and status. Ukrainian generals and admirals, diplomats and Ministers can only be Ukrainian, anymore they do not need anyone. Though, because they are even my colleagues from Burkina Faso qualification will lose.

As mentioned above, the Ukrainian politicians, unlike the French counterparts of two centuries ago, could not expect to return to the situation prior to the current regime (to become a “monk of the white lilies”, as they said then in Paris), because “before” was nothing. Logic dictates that in such a critical situation, when there is nowhere to retreat, the demand for Putin, Bonaparte, Peter, Catherine and Alexander in the Ukraine were to significantly exceed the cash offer. Ukraine was to attract managerial talent from around the world.

It was exactly the opposite. Even the small quantity of sensible and appropriate politicians, journalists, business people, experts, who she was and who was willing to work for it, the Ukrainian elite are actively marginalized and pushed out of the country.

Remember when Yushchenko left Ukraine Vladimir Malinkovich. It would seem that this man had to be claimed by Ukrainian authorities. In the dissident movement since the seventies, immigrant, employee of radio “Freedom”, actively working against the Soviet Union. Returned to Ukraine (unlike many other dissidents-the”patriots” who chose to give advice from the comfort of America with Europe) in 1992. Ukrainian political experts (past, present and future) the strongest. At least because estimates of the real facts, not their own desires. While another person is personally modest. Unlike the fellow in the shop did not require political positions and exorbitant fees. But was unclaimed.

Unclaimed is because of their professionalism. Reasonably believing that, if his counsel has a need, so in this area he knows a few more consumer tips Malinkovich tried to explain to Ukrainian politicians, how to act correctly. They also had to their consultants, advisers, etc. just made statements about the genius of the chief, have chosen the only right path. Moreover, the more common pattern was denied the correctness of the path, the more I had to shout about the genius.

I still do not understand why to waste then why now spend a lot of money for the maintenance of absolutely senseless buffoons who, not caring about their reputation, give incredible for obvious if could be much cheaper without compromising its business and political concepts, to create a really strong and even sometimes prosperous state, which the elite would be fed and protected for several generations. I’m inclined to think the cause of inappropriate behaviour low level of intellectual development – provincial complex, came from rags to riches.

Dorval to power, but deep down, feeling his own inadequacy to its position, the Ukrainian nouveaux riches with the help of hired “experts” themselves were convinced of its grandeur. Hence the rapid career of some “Ukrainian scientists” (that is Ukrainian, because the rest of the world they are known as charlatans). Still, nice if you praises not just anyone, but a member of the Academy, however, if you are the Governor of Kharkov, then come down and doctor of science, and if measures of Odessa, and candidate enough.

The reason for the inadequacy may be different. It is even possible that there are several reasons and everyone has their own. In this case, we reasons not to worry. We are dealing with fact. 25 years of Ukrainian independence, local elites acted more and more inadequate, achieving the eventual collapse of the state.

Some people think that if Ukraine does not fulfill its own laws is a sign of strength. Say what you want, then turn back and no I did not order. Actually, this is a sign of weakness. The government maintained only the law, respect for the law and compliance with the law. The refusal of the state from the rule of law turns it into an armed gang. The gang also uses violence to compel obedience. But the state violence legitimized by law, the social contract. The band engages in direct violence.

Therefore, for the state is characterized by the use of violence in exceptional cases, when the law is broken, for restoration of law and order. Accordingly, the power of the state in reality is not supported by violence, and public acceptance. Therefore, the apparatus required for external and internal protection can be relatively small.

The band manages only where responsible for the violence. So it is all the apparatus of violence and its authority extends only to the place where she is physically present and capable of violence.

Hence the second fundamental difference. The state nourishes itself from within. A relatively small unit protection and control, lets not divert major resources away from productive labor. Therefore, the government hates the war and tries to avoid the war. War is not just diverts resources away from production, but leads to their destruction. Therefore, even a victorious war is in most cases disadvantageous to the state.

The band does not have in its composition of the productive units. It’s all a mechanism of violence. Therefore, the resources for its existence, the gang can only get from the outside only by means of violence. Consequently, war for the gang – the normal state – the only method of production in which it is able to survive.

People who, even well-intentioned call to solve any issues sending “our tanks in Paris” are in the soul bandits. If they had the opportunity, they would build a state different from Ukrainian only by the size and the color of the flag. And everywhere they would have turned out the same in Russia, in America, in Europe, in Africa and even in China.

If Ukrainian politics, 25 years is hard to create from your state’s gang and finally created it, we can with high probability to assume that the gang they needed. That is, they know how to live, operate and manage only very militarized (better without civil) society-oriented due to the existence of robbery. Someone to Rob – his “renegades” or neighbors is not so important. It is important that forces sufficed.

I think that is not necessary to bring a lot of evidence that such a society in Ukraine is essentially built. The government is trying to Rob the Donbass, to parasitize on the GTS and to beg for loans from the West, “title” worn with draft limits the rights of Russian speakers and legitimize redistribution of their property in favor of the “patriots”. Policy Rob each other.

For such a society a civil war is not the excess, but a way of existence. Therefore Kiev is not only not seeking to stop the civil war in the Donbass, but all the time is on the verge of its transformation in Ukrainian. If Ukraine was quite powerful armed forces, it would have on Moldova, and Belarus attacked. Neighbors, in fact, also nothing more than an object for plunder. Even the respect which a radical Ukrainian nationalists have expressed in relation to Putin, saying “we have this,” based on the obvious military and political power of Russia. Trying it on, and Ukrainian Nazis choke, imagining how they would in such a situation, robbed, and who would have occupied. Their cries about the intention of Russia to take over Ukraine because they know that if they place Russia would have long ago been captured. It’s Russia as a normal state, can assume that ovchinka not worth the candle, and the loss will be greater than the acquisition. For the gang no unacceptable loss – important to capture the object. Just reduced the number of applicants for a share in the division.

Based on the above, it is easy to determine that in 2018, the civil war (with a tendency to extension) and the internal competition of the Ukrainian politicians (willing at any time to go to the armed conflict) will remain the dominant trends in domestic policy of Ukraine. Specific “singers” can change. The confrontation between Poroshenko, Saakashvilican go into the format Yatsenyuk-Tymoshenko or supplemented format Avakov, Kolomoisky.

All these formats are no more and no less likely than any other. Personality is not important. It is important that the course of self-destruction imposed on the Ukrainian government by the elite can not be changed. This elite cannot live and operate differently, and the other elites do not. Therefore, even if the dream of Ukrainian “patriots”: the President, Ministers, deputies hanged on the lampposts (which is quite possible), then replaced them would be worse – the same thugs, but from the third echelon. Worse educated, more limited, using even more brutal methods.




Oleg Soskin, A Gang Of Thieves Poroshenko, Firtash, Kuchma, Akhmetov, Kolomoisky, Friedman



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