As the Ukrainian defenders despite the terrible weather protect peace in the Donbas: video from the front

Ukrainian military daily confront not only the front of the enemy but also the weather. In recent days, she’s on the East unfavourable to the conduct of hostilities. But despite all the soldiers continue to protect the civilian population, which has long tired of war.

If not for thick fog, the positions near the Donetsk Aeroport would be seen at a glance. Therefore, in order not to allow enemy reconnaissance group need to be very vigilant.

Soldiers of the Mayor, and Dmitry said that now their site has become much quieter than before. But in adjacent positions is still hot: the enemy uses mortars, grenade launchers and other heavy weapons.

But the defender says it all: war is not the first year, so I know how to adequately repulse the enemy and show why they were there.

In addition to the Russian-terrorist troops have to fight with bad weather.

The visibility at the front – very bad

A characteristic feature of Donbass is that the region is very flat, and winds are very strong. And when a little to go higher, the wind just becomes fierce.

The soldiers assured dressed and well provided for, but, most important what’s inside.

Parental warmth always warm. The idea that defending the country at heart we are always warm,
– said the soldier Dmitry.

A few kilometers behind released Experienced. Its inhabitants remember with a smile the Ukrainian soldiers who recaptured the village.

Broken home, broken Windows – even so, people do not leave Experienced

All the locals say they want one thing – peace. And the world they promise to bring to the Ukrainian soldiers who are now a few kilometers to the East every day hold the Fort with arms in his hands.


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