As the odious judge Emelyanov cheating fighters

Judge of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Arthur Emelyanov regular visits to the Austrian capital, where his ex-wife Svetlana together with the children. The ex-spouses continue to work together to relax and has a total life. This could indicate a fictitious divorce in order to hide from declaring numerous luxury properties in different parts of the world.
This is stated in the investigation of the program “Schemes” (a joint project of Radio Liberty and the canal “UA: First”).
Journalists were able to obtain information about multiple joint holiday Arthur and Svetlana Emelianova after the dissolution of the marriage. For example, 25 December 2014 is a month after the divorce, they flew from “Borispol” airport on Christmas holiday in Vienna. The couple had a festive evroturne with a stop in Berlin and Amsterdam. Their departure from Ukraine and return on the same flight as recorded in the database on border crossing.
“Scheme” found several more flights ex-spouses during the 2015 – 2016 years after divorce. In particular, two years ago the pair together flew to Geneva in Switzerland to celebrate her husband’s birthday. A few months later – on holiday in Istanbul, where Emelyanovo returned to Kiev on the same flight. And in the summer of 2016 Arthur and Svetlana, who in the eyes of Ukrainian society was already one and a half year as divorced, I flew one flight in the Turkish Antalya. This is also confirmed by data on border crossing.

Journalists of the program “Schemes” note the fact that legal divorce was allowed to the judge of the Supreme economic court to declare all foreign assets, executed with his wife, and, consequently, to avoid questions about the origin of money at him.
As we found out, Svetlana Emelyanova he owns real estate in different parts of the world. This, in particular, Villa in Antalya and apartments in Dubai, two hotels in Vienna, and the German firm, which operates three hotels in Frankfurt am main
In October 2017, the journalists of the program “Schemes” met Arthur Emelyanov in Vienna near the house in which, according to official records, the apartment takes Svetlana. However, the judge to communicate with journalists did not want to, just briefly replied that he came to my son’s wedding, which really celebrated the next day in an old Austrian Palace Talheim. The judge Emelyanov promised to respond “Schemes” after returning from vacation and advised me to apply also to Svetlana. However, it is officially the ex-spouse at the time of publication of the material to journalists and did not answer.
Judge of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Arthur Emelyanov is a defendant in a criminal proceedings against an illegal intervention in activity of judicial bodies. However, until now the consideration on the merits, the court did not reach. At the same time, the head of the Department of special investigation GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk said the “Schemes” that the proceedings on Yemelyanov is preparing to complete. Now, he said, formed the evidence.

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