As the lack of Intel does Windows

A shortage of Intel starts making a negative impact on various segments of personal computers. For example, Microsoft faced a drop in sales of OEM licenses of Windows.

This Redmond announced at the conference on financial results of last quarter, reports Overclockers.

Windows total PC market was smaller than we expected, primarily due to the timing of deliveries of chips of our OEM partners, limiting in another healthy PC ecosystem and negatively impacted revenue in OEM Pro and non-Pro sectors
noted Microsoft CFO Amy hood.

In addition, she added that Windows OEM Pro revenue declined approximately 2%, according to the commercial PC market. The revenue of OEM non-Pro fell by 11%, which is below the market level due to prolonged pressure in the category of entry level.

Weak sales of OEM licenses of Windows also have a negative impact on income from Microsoft Office in the consumer segment. However, units Personal Computing in the last quarter, still managed to increase revenues by 7% to $ 13 billion. However, it is the merit of the device Surface, the income from which increased by 39% (1.86 billion dollars) as well as gaming areas, in particular services, Xbox Live and Game Pass.

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