As the detention Abyzov will affect Chubais and Medvedev: who’s next

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

They say that the detention Abyzov is not just because it is preparing nothing less than transfer of power. The ex-Minister of liberals system. The government, as they should be, doing the maximum in futility — was in charge of “open government” (that’s you, simple reader, know what kind of animal is this?). Publicly criticized the “law of Dima Yakovlev” and also publicly believed in the decency of the speaker.

The deal with the sale of shares at an exorbitant price, which imposes Abyzov a consequence, clearly held the respect of both the departments. (Ministry of economy) and Siluanov (Finance Ministry), and through the Vice-Premier Dvorkovich. And his adviser in his January 2012 in General, Dmitry Medvedev has appointed, and then the government took.

Even the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov had to say that the Kremlin considers the detention Abyzov a continuation of a campaign against the system of the liberals. That, of course, only added fuel to the fire and sofa analysts, it became clear: clean up the field around Medvedev that he would have left alone. One is a warrior and that, they say, two choices — either you’re following, or peacefully go wherever you say. Lead, for example, the Supreme court. We don’t leave people behind.

“Observers and idle onlookers,” according to Peskov, then remembered that business has a tooth at once, the richest member of the government. Why not? For example, was in the field of energy, this “E4 Group”, which is controlled by Mikhail Abyzov, his then wife Sirotenko and a few more. It was declared bankrupt in 2016, and in December of last year she sued the creditors — one very big, our Bank and one supposedly a Cyprus company. Like, Abyzov with his wife and President of “E4 Group” must 33.6 billion rubles. And so on. Lots of names from serious business called — one interested in detention, others are concerned about. And concerned are connected, again, with the liberal camp in the government.

A conclusion: the transfer of power began and a place in the sun will have economic and political group of the siloviki. And to finally gain a foothold is enough for them to take Chubais, who through Abyzov and out. (Released or not is debatable, but the effect of the arrest of Chubais will really compare with the “Crimean effect.”)

All this may be so. But just not interested.

After the arrest of the speaker became obvious what everyone knew. The speaker was an enemy, and in the usual scheme with the purse and the amount drawn by the FSB operatives. Remember how sincerely the ex-Minister wondered? This is fine, in desktop mode all passed.

With Abyzov same. He is charged with fraud in 2011-2014. A spokesman for Prime Minister Osipov says: “If it is proved that Abyzov retained control in commercial structures while working in the government, it would mean violation of the law.” It’s hard not to start giggling. Given that the court in 2019, and the government Abyzov went in may last year. It’s hard to believe no one knew anything. Impossible to believe that the security forces there “baby daddy” at all, and anyone from the top. Is. And not even daddy, but rather, fat volumes.

Watch the video on:
“The interrogation of the former Minister, Mikhail Abyzov was shown on video”


That’s just pull it out very selectively. And what I personally absolutely not interested. Siloviki they win or the liberals, the bloc or that.

While the system of “friends — all enemies — the law”, instead of “one law for all”, all this “controversy” in our lives is not affected.

Does it matter, toad in the swamp gonna fuck the Viper, or adder, a toad? Will poulichet and calm down.

About drainage and irrigation, to replace the dirt fertile soil can only dream of. But if… If… There is really no Chubais will not do. In Russia we have without it anywhere.

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